Anna Chonjnicka: Bruising bananas to create elaborate works of art


How amazingly creative … :astonished:

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Isn’t it just? I can’t even draw that well on paper, haha! And the amount of money she has raised for good causes is fabulous! :+1:

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If she isn’t famous one day then I’ll eat my hat …

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Isn’t she amazing … but what does she do with the skins after she’s eaten the banana?

It seems a crime to waste them.

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That really is interesting…from bug bites to shiny teeth - who knew! :astonished:

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That lady is amazingly creative, talented and skilful - but as one who shudders at the sight of over-ripe bananas, it is not an art form I would follow!

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I like over ripe bananas…they are sweeter than the yellow ones I think. Don’t look, just eat :joy:


Why does it work? Banana peels are naturally packed with lectin and zinc, which according to Cosmopolitan have antibacterial traits that can help problem spots heal faster and even prevent new ones from showing up in the first place. Just gently rub the inside of the peel from a slightly overripe banana onto the affected areas after a gentle cleansing. Rub until the peel starts to turn brown and slimy, then leave it on your skin for five to 10 minutes before rinsing. Apply the peel a few times daily to see results within seven days. Just be sure to not do so excessively or roughly—that can further irritate your skin.

Who tried that first … :037:

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That’s why I don’t like them @PixieKnuckles - they are too sweet, soft and “woolly” textured
I like bananas to be less sweet and slightly under-ripe - more towards green than very ripe yellow!

Those pictures she makes on the skins are amazing, though!


Errr…nope, won’t be trying that thanks all the same! :joy:

I do agree about the woolly texture, yes, I’m not a fan of that…and the stringy bits (the phloem bundles, which act like veins, delivering nutrients to the actual fruit of the banana thank you google ) they are horrible.

So cool! Over ripe bananas make the best banana bread. :yum:

On that same page, I found this video about a woman in Wales who does paper folding. Oh, the beautiful curves.

@Omah … I once tried that tip about polishing your shoes with a banana skin.

What a mess! It took hours of elbow grease to try and get the gunky stuff off.


In that case I won’t bother trying it on my dancing shoes … :wink:

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I just received a reminder about my dental appointment next week. I wonder if he would appreciate me cleaning my teeth with banana skin first… :thinking:

She gets paid for this?

Haha! no I don’t think so…but she does raise the money by selling prints (I think…I don’t imagine she sells the actual bananas) and gives the proceeds to charity.

Obviously not the bananas but surely has some income other than “benefits”?

Billy Connolly used to wear big banana boots.I don’t know why.
We have Lady Finger bananas here.They are ok,very sweet.

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