Andrew Feinstein standing against Kier Starmer

Andrew Feinstein served under Nelson Mandela as a member of parliament under the ANC - looks like he’s going to win. That will be incredibly embarrassing for satan Starmer!

This is well worth a watch/listen:

“It is time for politics to serve the people” amen!!


I’ve seen a Tory promo thing advertising Keir dolls.
“He comes in every colour” “He can be everything” “Warning Keir may change positions over time” Eco Keir “now with disposable views” Remain Keir "flip flops included"Left-wing Keir “He costs more” only 38.5 billion pounds!

It made me laugh anyway.

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Politics never has served the people, all those wishing to serve the people to be Independent. Acccountable to the electorate, who should have the final say if they do not come up to scratch.

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