An oldie returns!

Hello everyone! My name is Angie and I have been an inactive member of the forum for a long while but have decided to take part a bit more often!

I hope to meet some remembered friends and make some new ones. :smiley:

Hello Angie, a warm welcome back to you.:slight_smile:
There are loads of new members, I’m sure you settle back in quickly.

Hello Angie :slight_smile: welcome back, nice to see you…

Angie darlin’ - welcome back!!!

Hi Angie I hope you are going to find you like it here enough to make that ’ a lot more often

Hello Angie :slight_smile: good to see you here again :wink:


Hi Angie :slight_smile:

Hello from me too. :slight_smile:

hello luvvy

You certainly have come to the right place, Angieh.
They are all oldies here.:lol:

Hello Angie, welcome back. It’s always good to see members of ‘The Original Cast’ back again so to speak, lots of great new members here and plenty of topics to talk about.:slight_smile:

Awwwwww! Thanks for the welcome back folks. It’s certainly rockin’ here!

Nice to have you back with us Angie