Americans tend to jump the gun

So. I’m sure that overseas you heard the case of George Floyd, who was killed by Police during and arrest. It sparked demonstrations and riots. One of the things to come out of it was to defund the police. I guess the original idea was to cut Police funding to punish them, and bully them into line. When I first heard this I thought it was the most stupid sh_t I had ever heard. Defunding Police doesn’t’ punish them it leaves us unprotected. So here we are a year later and…

I hate the way we American’s can jump on a slogan, with no thought and ride it to disaster. Wait you mean less Police = more crime. We didn’t know that!!! You want to talk about conspiracies’, this one happened in our face. Riot leaders and protesters came up with “Defund the Police!” It’s a reactionary measure. Not a fix.

Yes Danny the George Floyd case was big news here as well. Im sure I’ll get shot down but I think it was the start of the Black Lives Matter movement over here :+1:


No, but it definitely put it in high gear.

The USA does have a history with that sort of thing.The banning of alcohol.
That won’t cause any trouble will it ?

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