American supermarket tour from a newcomer eyes

I’ve been watching this YouTuber for a long time. He’s originally from Portugal and moved to the UK. He creates fun food videos. He just recently moved to the US and filmed his first experience shopping in a supermarket. Keep in mind that he really likes junk food.

I didn’t think an hour long video on shopping would be remotely interesting but it captured my attention to see what he thought was different.

Something I found interesting about his shopping trip. I don’t know how much money he makes as a YouTuber, but when he moved to the US, he took a private jet for $50K. He explained that he did it because that was the only way to get his dog safely to the US without putting him in a cargo hold where the dog could die.

When he got to the supermarket though, he balked about spending $10 on a huge plastic tub of cut fruit. I’m not judging. I just think it’s interesting how people decide how to spend their money and what “costs a lot” and what is ok to spend.

I do understand about wanting his dog to be safe, so I’m not saying he shouldn’t have spent that, but it was a lot of money compare to the money he spent at the grocery store.

Sorry, but it’s bad enough having to go round the supermarket for my own shopping without wasting a whole precious hour of my (rapidly dwindling) time watching someone else do theirs. Especially if they’re heavily into junk food :roll_eyes:

No worries. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I really like him. It’s really interesting watching him try new things in the US.

Sort of similar to the supermarket video, this is this Youtubers first time eating in a restaurant since moving to the US. He picked Cheesecake Factory, a fairly low-scale restaurant. When he started eating all the free bread and so much of his first appetizer, I wondered how he would finish his meal. He didn’t even make a dent in it. So he liked the takeaway containers they provide there.

He also brought his dog so that made it more interesting to watch.