Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day is finishing soon.

Have you got anything?

Did you need it?

I have bought a few things but nothing fantastic, just things I needed at a discount.

Now is not the time for things you fancy but do not need.

Essentials only.

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Yes. An electric fan, but I mentioned that on another thread (Why People Buy Online).
But I haven’t got it yet!

I bought a pestle and mortar. I am experimenting with spices and creating flour from grains so I can make flatbread.



Good on you, that is the way to go.

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Got my son a couple of tool bags for his birthday, he’s getting into DIY

I’d been looking at them full price, so a genuine reduction :+1::+1:

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I just picked up a kilo of PETG Filament and a 260°C nozzle for my 3D Printer from Amazon.

To be honest I have no Idea what Amazon Prime Day actually is, I just get free postage from Amazon for $50 a year.

Spices…oh yes, bring it on. I have tried making curry powder from scratch many moons ago, thank you PixieKnuckles you’ve just given me an idea :slight_smile:

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Just some iodine impregnated patches and some surgical dressings - one of which was applied last night, and fell off while I was in bed. I shall try another one later, and if that comes off too, then it’s a bad review on Amazon.

Nothing! Because for the last 2 or 3 days I’ve been feeling rather unwell, and didn’t remember the prime days :frowning_face:

Hope you’re feeling better

I put things I like the look of on my Amazon wish list if I don’t need them straight away and then wait for Amazon Prime day, Black Friday et al and see if they get reduced

They often do :+1:

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Thanks Marie. Yes I do that too! Every now and then I go through the wish list and give it a good cull - it’s surprising how many things on it I find I no longer want, or need!

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Yes, give yourself a few days and you go off the idea!

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There was an article in last Sundays MoS about this. It seems that some items being sold under the Prime Day offer can be bought cheaper on Amazon if you don’t log into your account and pay for delivery.

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