Amazon and Credit Cards

Received this email this morning and thought I would pass on the information:-

[quote] Dear *****************
We’re writing to notify you of an upcoming change to

Starting 19 January, 2022, we will unfortunately no longer accept Visa credit cards issued in the UK, due to the high fees Visa charges for processing credit card transactions. You can still use debit cards (including Visa debit cards) and non-Visa credit cards like Mastercard, Amex, and Eurocard to make purchases. Please update your default payment method now, or add one of these new, eligible payment methods if you do not have one.

You can update your Prime membership here, and if you have any subscriptions on, you can update them on the ‘‘manage your subscription’’ page here.

We know this may be inconvenient, and we’re here to help you through this transition so you can continue enjoying Amazon’s low prices and wide selection. Please visit this help page for more information on payment methods, or go directly to your account.[/quote]

I didn’t get one, but my Visa is a debit card. I don’t have credit cards, prefer to pay straight away for items. If I can’t afford it I don’t get it until I can afford it.


I’ve already posted the email I received … :wink:

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I got that too, thought it was a scam so googled it and it’s genuine. I don’t buy from Amazon as much as I used to, and won’t be doing anything at the moment , but next year will probably use my visa debit card instead.

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Debit cards for me as well.

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I use Sainsbury’s CC and opted for Mastercard (choice offered) I using it for all of my purchases. I pay the full monthly bill in it’s entirety and collect the Nectar points towards birthday presents etc. If Amazon had decided on Mastercard, I’d simply contact Sainsbury’s Bank and change to Visa …simples :+1:

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Just as well I don’t buy much from Amazon so I won’t miss it.

I always use credit not debit card on online purchases.
If they ever get hacked and my details go AWOL into the big bad world of cyber crime it can be Visa credit money (theirs not mine) and I’ll thrash it out with them … better that than my own money cleared out and have no banking institution especially bothered.


I have Amazon Prime for which I pay $12.99 a month. I have it strictly for the free shipping. I have used Amazon a lot over the past few months. See Amazon has a distribution here in Denver so I get most deliveries fast, I have run out of things I need to buy since I got my winter wardrobe sorted out. So next month I kill Amazon Prime (which for movies is a complete waste of money). I also use a debit card If I can’t afford it I don’t buy it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I use a debit card for Amazon anyway, but I’m surprised at this move…its not like they are struggling for money!

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I don’t shop at Amazon at all so it doesn’t affect me. Even if they are not struggling for money,
it’s the greed element and evident everywhere – more, more, more!
:astonished: :roll_eyes:

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Yes Baz…everyone is greedy and grasping for money. It doesn’t bode well for the future.

Some companies are quite brazen about it too. My ISP and mobile phone provider actually state in the Contract customers have to agree to that “charges will increase on or after 31st March every year by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year, plus 3.9%.” Many companies are doing this so all that happens is that people then want an increase in their wages then comes the next ‘written-in’ price increase and so it goes on and on …

We pay for nearly everything by UK Credit Card…have a direct debit to pay off each month in full… Debt is something we just don’t do…ever…
Credit Card gives you protection against fraud whilst some debit cards can but not in the same Strength…as I understood anyway.
Have had two claims because of fraud and received fully what we were conned out of…Credit Card payments via PayPal.

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Same here. It applies to landlines too. However, my contracts always seem to be renewed in April so, all I do is phone my supplier and renegotiate my contracts - usually to the same (or slightly less than) as what I was paying for the previous 12 or 24 months (I refuse to accept 18 month contracts).

Of course, this is assuming there will be a future. I can sense something brewing on the world stage between the big power players and it wont be a pretty sight

I’ve been using Amazon for years but have never paid by credit card. So, such a move wouldn’t affect me.
I’ve never understood why you’d need a credit card and pay fees if there are debit cards.
I don’t seem to be needing a credit card any more. It makes grocers and traders frown upon anyway. I don’t like cash and pay 90% of my purchases by debit card, direct debit procedure, or bank transfer.

Just a thought…are there any charges on debit cards?

The businesses using the card payment scheme pay the charges and that of course is first applied to the purchase price, so indirectly, yes the customer pays.

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thanks LD :+1:

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Hubby always pays his off every month and yes he got a email from Amazon and it’s to do with Brexit, don’t ask me why I don’t get involved with all of that.