Am I right to be sceptical

I see this on Face-book and am amazed by the number of my ‘friends’ responding to it in the way requested.

Personally I think it’s been photoshopped by this company ‘Amazing World’ whoever they are.
I just don’t see what they get out of it!

It can’t be real can it?

I saw a man with similar lumps on his body… I think the programme was called the Pimple Popper.
I suspect the programme was American so I don’t know if these problems are real, but if they are you have to feel sorry for them!

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It looks real to me
Its heart breaking.

I wasn’t really watching the programme but the man I saw had them all over his body & the doctor said she couldn’t remove them all.
Don’t quote me on this, but I think she said something about them being benign tumours !

People scour the internet for photos of disfigured people, especially children because they tug at the heartstrings more. Then they steal the photos, post on FB allegedly as the person, or parents of the child, begging for likes or sympathy.

From :

This type of activity is a Like-Farming scam, and the pictures in them are being used without the owners’ consent. The heartless and deceitful scammers are tricking Facebook users into commenting on the posts… Scammers use the posts to gather up potential victims. Once they have enough Facebook users, they will start sending them spam with links that will take potential victims to phishing websites that will steal their information, or malicious links that will take to dangerous websites that will infect their computers with Spyware or Trojan horse…

Reminds me of the posts saying ‘no-one will like my photo’. I refuse to get involved in any of them.


Thanks Sheba. I knew there was something not at all right about it.

I never respond to posts like this.

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No, me neither. And like you, I am continually astonished at how many of my FB ‘friends’ do - many of whom I have always considered quite intelligent. I don’t reply to any of the random FB posts, you know, the ones that say things like “there are no words in the English language starting and ending with G”. Well, of course there are and they know that, they’re just casting the line, all baited up and ready to reel in the idiots who respond.

There are so many little known syndromes which cause body or facial disfigurements.
If I saw the photo above, I would assume it was a real photo and feel sad for the young lady but I have seen photos which look edited / photoshopped.
Even if I thought it was real, I would not click on the pic or do whatever is being asked for. I don’t interact with people I don’t know on Facebook.
I think there is a lot of stolen photos and dodgy “clickbait” pics and links all over the internet.

I have my privacy settings tight on Facebook, so I only see my carefully vetted “friends” - which are only my family and a couple of very good friends.
I’ve noticed a few more Adverts seem to be creeping into my F/b Newsfeed lately - gggrrrr.
I just ignore them or set them to be hidden if I don’t want to see them again.

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Yes Bath…those too! Or type Amen for a photo. Honestly…

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I’m not on social media, but I remember a thing going round about breaking the chain, and threatening all sorts of dire consequences if anyone dared not to comply with whatever request was being made. :roll_eyes:

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I hate Facebook so never look at it.
If photos like this are used to just get attention , they are people I don’t want to chat with. !

I ignore . Real or not I can do nothing I won’t read click or share

That photo reminded me of the Elephant Man (Joseph Merrick). He suffered from Proteus Syndrome