All about me

Hi all new to site not a tec person in any way so please dont shout if I get stuff wrong:confused.
I am Richard 56 living in Evesham gave up work about 6.5 years ago (long story) A bit house bound and stir crazy this last year or two basically looking for new social group/ friends in or close to Evesham. Despite user name I do have some hair and its all mine.

Now young man, what do us want us to call you - Oldie, or Baldie? :smiley:

Either way, welcome.
Hope you enjoy it here. :slight_smile:

Hello Richard :slight_smile: welcome …

Hi Richard. Welcome! You are the same age as my husband. He’s also almost bald but I don’t mind in the least and neither does he.

Dont mind I dont get offended.

If all I had to worry about was my hair loss I would be a very happy man

Gday from a little south of you. Welcome to the conversation pit. Its winter in the South Pacific and for the most part its been beautiful; COVID notwithstanding. Are you still hot there?..enjoying the the Olymps? about " Boaldie" .
.just a thought :wink:

Hi oldandbald :slight_smile:

Welcome to OFF!

I hope you’re enjoying summer up North and that you’ve been able to get out and about since lockdown!

Yet another consideration for you - what do you think of ‘OB’ or ‘O&B’ for short?

Enjoy OFF :slight_smile:

Hello Oldandbald! Welcome! I’m the Southern Hemisphere representative when Keezoy is on leave! Hope you enjoy it here! :slight_smile:

Welcome Richard. Hmm, yes we do have a habit of shortening names on here. So: Oldie, Baldie, O&B, OAB - take your pick!!

Or, seeing as your real name is Richard, we could call you Baldrick :lol:

Anyway, whatever you get called, enjoy OFF :slight_smile:

Hi Oldbaldy Richard!
Welcome no the forum!

Hi Richard and welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on Over50sForum. :039:

Hello Richard :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum……

Welcome to the forum Richard, my only complaint is that Meg and Mags don’t come round with the tea and biscuits until the afternoon…:102:
As you can see…There is a lot of happiness and humour on this site and you are very welcome to chip in…:wink:

Hiya Richard. If you consider 56 to be old then I’m positively ancient :lol:

Hi boldy! :039:
and get stuck in!

Hi Oldandbald

Welcome :039: