AI is at it again (dementia}

Would you trust an AI prognosis?

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Probably more reliable than most GPs but I wouldn’t trust them much either :081:

Seriously tho, I would consider the data, and use it in conjunction with other data or my usual system of determining what is/isn’t likely to be the issue…

You don’t usually need a test to know.

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Not at all…I wouldn’t trust AI to diagnose anything. :frowning:

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Folks should sense a deterioration in cognitive perception for themselves, without external data intervention, Maybe.

Especially in 24 hours.

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AI is just someone’s assumptions which are flawed by virtue of us being human…

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True, so, how many people is AI keeping in work?

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Could you check your piles with a cellphone AZZ ??
Assuming of course you had piles ??
I suppose you could if you had a bent selfie stick eh!

Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Perhaps we should compare notes Spitty ??
Maybe l can give you an idea what to expect ??

Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

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No thanks, still walking the walk. :grimacing:

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You’ll have to give it a try it and let us know how it works for you DKM!

Just don’t post any pics - I don’t think anyone will want to see :078:


Well AI is just ones and zeroes a set of subroutines and instructions,no emotions or feelings. ( At the moment ).
I’d rather have a doctor look me in the eyes and tell me what I’ve got rather that C3PO.

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The plan is that AI will be self sufficient at some point. We could get to a point where nobody understands how it works! (“The machine stops”)


AI is what protects us, we do not have enough people to do it manually.

It can scan emails texts and photos vastly faster than humans can and is much more respectful of privacy, the vast majority are never seen by human eyes.

I will repeat what I have posted many times.

Nobody is interested in you arranging a threesome with the local vicar and his wife.

There are lines to cross, it takes a lot to cross them.