Age spots

I have quite a lot of these on my lower arms mostly but a few on my hands too.

Apart from having professional laser treatment I wondered if there was any way of getting rid of them.

Does anybody else have them?

I’m covered in them !
A life in he tropics and sun before people worried about factor 30 means I have a lot of skin damage .
But give me the sun any day .

Oh I know Carol my hands are awful I hate them . I did hear about some Avon cream that helped but I honestly can’t be bothered now . Mind you I’m tanned at the moment so they look alright .

I think they look like my mothers hands !

I haven’t got many at all, and the ones I have are very feint so don’t bother me. Sorry Carol, I’m not much help am I.

All I can suggest is, I believe there are bleaching creams available, but you’d have to google it and read up on it.

I don’t have any on My hands,but I do have some on My collarbone area which I dab with concealer if wearing a lowish cut top,the ones on My arms I don’t bother about…I’m just happy to have reached ‘old age’ without having too much problems :cool:…sorry I don’t have any solution for getting rid of them either Carol.

I have more than you. Also got them on my arms.:lol: They don’t bother me as I am old anyway.

How do you know that? - this isn’t my picture. :smiley:

It’s just one I found to demonstrate what I was talking about…

I thought those were your hands, you never said they weren’t!

I thought they were Carol’s hands too! :lol:

Oh heck did you check the copywrite?

No - should I be worried?:confused:

Actually you will see the hand on the left is free from age spots.

I took it from Google images. I think it was some sort of advert for a bleaching cream.

Bio oil is supposed to get rid of them.

I’m hoping mine will all join up so I have a permanent “tan”!

Mine nearly are joined up. Sadly they aren’t all the same shade of brown though.:lol:

I must say I assumed the same, although I did wonder why one hand was affected and the other wasn’t. :slight_smile:

We could join the spots with a pen, they might be a message or picture!
I used to love ‘join the dots’! :slight_smile:

With the prominent veins on my hands too, it would look like a map of the county, with the veins the rivers.:lol:

To be honest I don’t think you can get rid of them. :confused: