Adventurous Cooking

Would you say you are an adventurous cook?

If you are, tell us what you have cooked? :smiley:

I’ve cooked in the bush over a fire, in a camp oven and I’ve cooked meat I just shot. Does that count as adventurous cooking?


For me, adventurous cooking would be, the intense flavours.and all the different ingredients, marinating the meat for hours,

I mean what you have done was pretty adventurous…I have cooked indoors, then taken it outside and sat by my chimney, with a roaring fire going inside of it,…in the middle of winter, I absolutely loved that experience.

I’m deffo an ‘experimental’ cook, l love having a bash at new things and cooking techniques

Some say adventurous, some say Mrs Cropley! :scream:

I like to copy dishes served as special occasions, like Royal weddings, the G7 in Cornwall etc

My last two experiments were Adam Handlings “Mother” that he cooked for the G7, which is a salt baked celeriac and mini beef burger Wellingtons! From posh to junk ……

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When we were travelling last year my daughter made a pretty tasty and spicy meal out of a Salsa mix in a packet and turkey mince.

As I have said before I am a big fan of the spiciest Thai food.


I bought some moulds to make these chocolate bombs at Christmas

They’re hollow and you fill them with brownie, fruit and ice cream, that sort of thing. And then at the table you pour hot sauce on them from a great height and it melts them

We had them at my friends 70th and they were great fun!

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I love cooking chinese meals,if it turns out not so good,i name the recipe who flung dung.
That has always made the family laugh,yet plates are empty,and not by being dumped in the bin.
Happy days.

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I love cooking Chinese food, I can’t eat a lot of the sweet and sour chilli chicken, especially if the chicken has been coated in batter , also the homemade sauce, is quite sickly, there is garlic, sesame oil, rice cooking wine, etc, it does make a delicious sticky sauce that you coat the chicken wings/ pieces in,and much better that those shop bought ones, plus you know exactly what is in it.

Adventurous cooking is trial and error imo, the first time I made my own sweet chilli sauce, I had to bin it, I put far to much cornstarch slurry in it,

I’ve had many disasters along the way…that’s how I’ve learnt through my own mistakes, plus I have an Asian shop where I live,I am friendly with the Chinese shop assistant, she gives me loads of advice, also she directs me to the right ingredients that I need to make the dish.

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You can always rely on Uncle Roger for good cooking advice

Totaly agree pauline3.
You can not beat home made anything imo.

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As a cook of any description, I have the uncanny ability to turn food into tasteless junk. Best fit for the pig swill bin. If I try to add flavour, I can turn food into hazardous waste. Entirely a disaster in the kitchen, and a bit of a marvel in that I have.not killed myself

I’m a world traveler. Crayfish in Hout Bay, Alligator Steaks in Georgia, and Chicken Gizzards in Turkey.

Deep fried cockroaches and grasshoppers in Cambodia?