Adoptions, what kind of dog breeds....and did you know

What are your thoughts on adoption? I have been wanting to adopt a dog from our local pound. I then started searching adoption children. Did not realize the number children out there without homes.

If you say adopt a dog, the breeds available range from German shepherds to Labrador retrievers. I have 2 kids in college, and probably too old and financially not able to take on another child.


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I’m not really a dog person but if I adopted a dog or cat from a pound then I guarantee you I’d come back with the ugliest mongrel there, the one no one else wanted :hushed: I couldn’t bear to leave them behind :heart_eyes_cat:

I don’t know how it works in the US but here in the U.K. there’s a lot of opportunity for older people to foster children, even if they don’t fully adopt

There’s a good scheme where they take in 18-21 year olds just leaving the care system and support them on their way to independence, people who take in single teenage parents and their babies, those who offer respite and emergency homes for a few days as well as taking in and adopting older children so there might be lots of ways you could help if you wanted to :two_hearts:

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It is a fantastic action to take providing you know of all the pitfalls and possible repercussions. My 4th daughter was adopted after a period of essential fostering from 2days old after her mum died from birth complications. She was even breast fed as No3 was about to be weaned.
I have never regreted a moment and she is the closest of all four girls. She now lives around 2/3rds of a mile away with her husband next door to daughter No3👍 . Barely a day passes when she doesn’t phone up during the evening just to be sure we are coping with old age and to ask if we need anything. The bond between us is unbreakable and as she is a distant relative of mine, that bond has been there from the moment she was collected.


A Cavachon a Bichon, Cavalier X .
Not too big or too small, hypoallergenic, non shedding , loves people , doesn’t make a nuisance of himself barking.

A Cavachon can walk your socks off or curl up on a chair …
But I am bias…here is my little fella


We adopted our dog a Border Collie .
He is the easiest sweetest dog ever clever obedient and good natured .
He loves children cats and other dogs .
We got lucky

However think carefully a dog may be long lived and expensive .
Insurance goes up every year .
They are also a tie and make life less spontaneous .
But they reward you with love and people with dogs live longer ( it’s the walking )

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I think we also got lucky too - or maybe not so lucky. We got two pups from the same litter. One, ours, was such a sweet nature. The other just the opposite - it decided to bit my ear…

What a lovely story. :slightly_smiling_face:

And the bonding :wink: so important for elderly people living all alone and /or feeling lonely.