AC laptop charger adapter and power cable

I’ve got two old laptops - both Fujitsu Siemen. One running Windows XP and the other runs Vista.

The XP is dead ie has the black screen. The Vista is still working.

As I can only find one AC laptop charger adapter and power cable (which is the one for the Vista Laptop - ie the working one), will things go belly up if I use the XP charger in it?

I want to connect the dead screen XP laptop to an old desk top monitor and see what’s on it, but I don’t want to ruin the Vistas’ adapter in the process - or the Vista machine won’t be any use.

I figure all the voltage etc would be same, given they are both the same maker. It’s the same connection shape ie round with a blob in the middle and the laptop holes are ever so slightly different inside at the side… ie Vistas’ one is just round with a hole and the XP is round with ‘things’ round it (can’t think how to explain!), again with a round hole in the middle. The adapter fits without ramming it in.

I don’t want to buy another adapter. If it’s not worth the risk then so be it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have several adaptors for laptops. Can you send me pics? I may be able to help.

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Hiya Bes and thanks for your reply and offer of help :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not sure which picture you need though (I’m thick). The Vista adapter?
I haven’t actually got a proper camera, the only ‘camera’ I use is on the tablet which I then transfer to my present laptop (after a lot of swearing)…

Ah, OK. I will have a shufti in my shed tomorrow and dig out what I have if that’s OK?

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The first thing is to check whether the output voltage is the same on both chargers. That should be stated on a label on the charger. Compare that to what is written on the underside of the laptop.

If they are both the same, then you should look closely at the small plugs which insert into your laptop. One may fit properly, the other may not, but don’t plug the charger into the mains until you are sure which to use.

If they both fit properly - not too loose, not too tight - you are probably OK with either.

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Your very sweet Bes, and I thank you. :hugs:
But I fear it would be wasting your time in that it’s not really vital, because it’s a ‘dead’ black screened laptop. It won’t be used again because of that, so it’s rather a whim to see what, if anything, is on the old thing.
I’ve a vague feeling before I mislaid the adapter for it, I managed to get off what I wanted using the old desktop monitor. That was about 8yrs ago so my memory is rather faded about it . :blush:

Yes, I did check the output voltage on the ONE charger I’ve got. (If I had the other charger, I wouldn’t be asking the question) :rofl: :rofl:

I’m not really laughing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you for your reply JB…

When this laptop died I installed a disk I had from my desktop PC…it is not perfect exactly but is does function fairly well…The back up CD’s I made would not download though, so it was a Sony Vaio now it is just a Windows 7 copy…


Sorry. I didn’t read your OP properly.
Is it possible that the XP laptop is ‘dead’ and has a black screen purely because it needs powering up? I hope I haven’t misunderstood yet again!

S’all right JB, it gave me a titter or two :grinning:

No, it suffered The Black Screen of Death.

Well done Diane, I’m afraid I’m not much good with technology,

you just put in the CD and follow what goes on…ok a bit touch and go at times but if it goes good then hey presto…

if you have the serial numbers of both laptops, as they are the same make contact the manufactures and ask them

Thanks realspeed, yes, that might be an idea.

Look at the voltage written on the power boxes - output is the key figure. they usually have a black and sliver card stuck to them.

About 19/21volts was the usual voltage at one time but if the voltage in the good supply is close to the broken power supply it should do the job (within a few volts say + - 10%)

The other consideration is the output power which might be expressed in watts, amps or volt amps (VA) if the good supply figure is the same or higher than the bad supply then all will be well. (The pedants will criticise that but close enough)

There is a bit of leeway. Polarity is important but usually same manufacturers stick with the same design and a good design will have polarity protection anyway.

No problem. Here’s two adaptors that may be of use. I have several others but I’m not quite sure what you need…

Thanks for your help Bruce. :slightly_smiling_face:

In all honesty I’ve no idea looking at the picture but thank you for going rooting around for me Bes, you are kind, which I appreciate.

I shall pocket your offer if I may. As I say, it’s dead anyway and it’s only a whim anyway to get into it. There will be nothing of any importance.
I shall put it on hold for the time being, but will know where to come if I decide to have another go :hugs: