Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Good news for Brits who won’t pay for Sky Tv, Channel 4 has got a deal with Sky to transmit the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix LIVE on Sunday, with the build up on between 12noon and 4pm


About ruddy time the races were shown live :ok_hand::+1:


so you can take over now minxie

That’s great news @macywack …… I’ll be watching! :+1:

@macywack , l wonder what caused SKY to agree to that ??
Perhaps the take up of pay per view is not going so well ??
Donkeyman ! :+1::thinking::thinking::+1:

Probably too good a deal to refuse, which can only be good for those of us who don’t have Sky.
It will make a change to see F1 on my screen. Now what about the other sports that sold out to Sky? Something instead of football would make quite a nice change!

Looks like Max on pole Tommorrow ?
Result of race depends on tyre strategy now!!
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

Max could play the dirty game, if they both go off, he wins, but sure Lewis has the experience to avoid it

That’s what LH was stating as he felt his tyres for qualifying could have been better. If the pair can survive the first lap intact, LH should have the advantage when the DRS is engaged. No doubt that Honda engine is now a good rival to the British designed and made Merc, so it’ll be interesting next year as Merc’s constantly evolving engine is up against the now stalled Honda design.

The stewards have already warned about dirty tactics and swinging penalty points as well as time deductions for infringements. LH is a much cleaner driver compared to MV so he had better be careful.

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Well it seems the best laid plans of mice and Mercedes
oft gang awry ?
Allthough it was lucky for Max that a late safety car had to
be deployed, it was the ability to react quickly to a changing
situation that won the race for red bull !
If Lewis had pitted at the same time as Max he would still have
the race ??
Donkeyman! :+1::grin::+1:

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