A youtube clip with Australian singer Robyn Alvarez in 1963

Robyn Alvarez was born in Australia to an American with Spanish ancestry.

Robyn’s career began shortly after she sang at a local talent quest and won it. Soon she was learning ballet and musical comedy from Helen De Paul along with Helen’s daughter Patsy Ann Noble.
Country tours followed which gained her good experience for her future career on Bandstand, Sing Sing Sing, In Melbourne Tonight and Startime during the 1960’s. Her first record ‘‘How Many Fools / No More Heart (No More Soul)’’ was released in 1962 on the HMV label and backed by The Geoff Harvey Orchestra. Adding another two singles which saw no chart action she signed a five-year deal with Festival Records which resulted in a couple of singles released in 1965.
She won the Logie award for Best Female Singer in 1964.
In this clip on Australian Bandstand the young Bee Gees (seated) accompanied her with others.

I did listen to it,very enthusiastic clapping at the end.


The era of big hair big stickyout dresses and pointy bras .

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