A telephone for grief after the Japanese Tsunami in 2011

Although not in the same vane - Pixie’s thread of Fisher Price Chatter phone reminded me of this article which I kept from a couple of years because I thought it so beautiful…

I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

Really tugs the heart strings and emotions, so please don’t click the video link if it will make you sad.

In the small town of Otsuchi in northern Japan, 2,000 residents were lost in the tsunami in 2011.

One resident, who had already been grieving his cousin before the tsunami hit, had the idea of placing an old phone booth at the bottom of his garden with a disconnected rotary phone.

He would ring his cousin’s number and his words would “be carried on the wind” as he spoke to him.

After the tsunami hit, and word about the wind phone spread, many more people have come to Otsuchi in Iwate prefecture, to call those they have lost.


I think this is beautiful… very sad, but oh so touching.

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I should have heeded your warning - it had me bawling like a baby. :cry:

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I researched that link some time ago as author, Laura Imai Messina wrote this book, The Phone Box at the Edge of the World. A novel & it moved me to tears. I had to find out about it, didn’t know it was true about the phone box. I recommend the book, its a lovely read.


I think the phone box is a beautiful idea.
Placed somewhere private, I am sure it would be used and appreciated.
Sadly, I suspect it would soon be vandalised here though.

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That is beautiful and so very sad, I really hope it brings a little comfort

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When somebody we care about dies I think we all feel the need to talk to them again, so this phone must bring comfort to those who lost family in that tsunami. What a lovely idea!

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