A Storm called Eunice


Roof tiles flying through the air,
Wheely-bins dance across the road,
An old lady goes to hug her cat,
“The power’s out and I’m getting cold.”

Cables downed across the County,
Catenary wires snap strand by strand,
Heroes, engineers, strapped to poles,
Tools being passed from hand to hand.

Trees uprooted by the score,
Fence panels strewn all down the street,
Chainsaw gangs roam the land,
The wind nearly knocks them off their feet.

Waves crashing, breaching sea defences,
Flood gates closed against the tide,
Seagulls in the rain-soaked air,
Dancing in an effortless glide.

Boats tied tight to harbour walls,
Lines bar-taught against undertow,
A freighter in the Bristol Channel,
Battles against the tidal flow,

New and old Severn bridges closed,
High sided vehicles, they must wait,
“Please be patient, we are working hard,
But note that deliveries will be late.”

Tumbling walls, a toppled spire,
Windows rattle and doors bang,
Fire and Rescue on their way,
Reports of yet another prang.

Listening to the local news,
Whilst nibbling on a piece of toast,
“At three o’clock on Friday morning,
Storm Eunice struck the Atlantic Coast.”


Excellent, Fruitcake.

Eunice is visiting us at the moment - hoping she won’t stay too long!

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