A Novel Idea

This was at the beach this morning, what a good idea by a clever person.



That’s lovely, must make lots of doggies very happy


What a good idea, it would be lovely to see that continue on other beaches.


What a load of balls. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It is a lovely idea. I know how dogs love to have the ball thrown for them and they go and fetch it.
There will be lots of happy dogs wagging their tails as they retrieve the ball.

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I bet some woofers won’t want to give it back ……

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A few children might not want to give them back!

The dog I am looking after hasn’t really understood the idea of chasing balls, He chases the ball once or twice but won’t give them back, if you take it off him he may or may not chase it but once he has got to the ball just leaves it there. I had a cat that was better at fetching things…

My brother told me one of his dogs was mad keen on balls and when out found them to bring home, he said he currently has 16 of them that the dog has collected.

Wouldn’t work here, off leash beach areas are usually time restricted and fenced dog parks probably aren’t big enough.

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