A most perfect day here in Mandurah

I am here at the Mandurah Estuary, no cloud to be seen, 30 degrees C, there is a delicious zephyr wafting onto the shore. Water Craft, paddle boarders, black swans, people perambulating along the promenade.
What more could one want?


Nice pictures. Sounds like you’re feeling better. Glad you’re having a good time on your holiday.

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I am still in great pain bit I refuse to allow my discomfort to define me.

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thanks for the piccies

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Lovely photos Bretrick, I hope will feel better soon.

Looks loverly…warm! Ah warm. Right now it’s 4C where I am…with wind feels colder. But at least it isn’t raining. Whew… Just wondering where is Mandurah?

By Manchester, maybe?

naaa it’ll be darn sarf somewhere

Mudeford probably

Mandurah is in Western Australia, 70km - 45 miles south of Perth.

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Good photos Bretrick…Nice area but a bit too populated for my liking…
I’m an avid watcher of ‘Aussie Gold Hunters’ and they are regularly filming around Kalgoorlie.
If I came to Australia I’d bring my metal detector with me and go ‘Outback’…Doesn’t matter if I don’t find anything, I just fancy it…

all days are perfect in Mandurah - should have seen it in the old days !