A House Through Time With David Olusoga

A new series starts tonight on BBC 2 at 9pm.
Ive enjoyed watching all of these Series this is series 4.
Looking into the people who have lived in the house over many years .

Anyone else watching it .


Its an interesting programme . Ill watch .


We have it set to record…

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I was just gang to start a thread on this I enjoy this programme

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Yes, we’ve watched them all so far. This one is interesting too.

I must confess when David started talking about the first occupant I began to drift off ,but manage to stay awake for the rest of the show , so I need to watch it again on IPlayer for the first 10 min.

Has anyone looked into the History of their house , ? Well at who lived in the property and any job they had .Some Census records would tell you or if you have your Deeds to the property .

My Deeds tell me my bungalow was built on Farm land in 1960s , and its been the home of just two families one previous to my family .