A good tip for brittle, dry nails

For 10 years now, I have had bad vertical ridges in my finger nails and have to cut them very short to prevent a split going down to my cuticles.

I was advised by doctors that it could mean a Vitamin D, or magnesium deficiency but changing the things I eat & taking supplements hasn’t helped the nails. I think that low levels of these may have added to the problem, but I was so fed up that I looked on the internet for ideas on how to deal with it.

I did find something that helps, even though I have only been using it for 2 weeks, so here it is if you want to try it… and you may have what you need in your kitchen!:smiley:

Dip you nails into virgin olive oil ( slightly warmed)& rub it into your nails & cuticles for 2 mins each day. You need about 30 mins when you don’t need to do anything as it makes the fingers greasy. I tend to wipe the oil off with kitchen towel, after about 5 mins & rub the excess into my hands. ( you can use the same oil to do this if you keep it in another container, so it may last a couple of weeks…as you don’t need much)

My nails are very bad & it may take up to 6 months to get them back to normal, but that is better than fearing them splitting down to my cuticles.:shock:
It also makes them grow faster & it is better than any hand cream I have tried.
I will be interested to know if it helps anybody else.

That’s good to know. My nails are in recovery after making the mistake of getting a gel manicure. They sanded my nails so thin that it will takes months for them to grow back. Any sort of treatment would be beneficial.

You mentioned the problem of getting things done while soaking, so I might try this with rubber gloves over the top so I can continue to get things done.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks, Twink!