A girl ; a dream and an ending?

Sixteen year old loves start suddenly, sometimes out of the blue and end just as suddenly. A shout from a high school window asked me if I would date this girl and I agreed. Time place and event must have been set all I know is that we almost always dated on the canal banks!

She was a D and so was I and all marriage would have needed is one letter change but it was never to be. She always lived 5 miles away from me. Being a gentleman and fit I cycled 2/3 times a week, through hail, snow and rain for our canal dates. It didn’t seem to last long, possible 6 wks and then it fizzled out? She made one final trip somehow that 5 miles and I assumed she was visiting my younger sister so we never even spoke, and I passed her on the footpath and she disappeared then forever until?

I had moved way down south – a friend who knew D and had been an old school chum was working with me and came into the dining room one evening with a copy of our ‘up north’ local newspaper. There she was in all her glory as Rose Queen of our little town. I paused for a moment to wonder and then life went on!

Pan ahead 4 or 5 decades I was now down under and as one does visited Friends Re-united which was in its dying embers. But after some cursory searches no sign of D? Then FRU folded.

Pan another few decades and the bug caught me – what do they call it “digging up the past”? “the God botherers” etc etc. but by then there were a plethora of search engines and with the help of friendly strangers I finally found her again and learned of her sad demise – after me hoping we might re-unite and swop some tales!

Handkerchiefs at the ready the final tale is rather sad”

After our explosive canal affair D had married twice ; had no children and died at the age of 56 and that was approx 24 yrs ago. I was/am hoping there are some remaining relatives and friends who can fill in the spaces. I suppose one may define this as an ‘enigma’? I feel that I at least want to read a gravestone message or talk to those last remaining friends and/or rellies? Hopeful former canal trotter! D and D

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I met my wife to be when she was 14 and I was 18. Four years later we were married. That was 60 years ago next week. Yes it’s our diamond wedding anniversary next week.


How lovely. Has someone told Her Maj? You are entitled to a card for a 60th wedding anniversary you lnow.

ya a cracker!!

Hi ST and thanx. Yes, one of our sons has got that sorted. Incidentally there will be two more Great Grandkids being born in December just a few days apart, one in New Zealand and one here in the south. This will make a total (so far!) of 18 grandchildren in total. Quite expensive at Christmas. :grinning:

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Cheers Bud. Quite a lot of staying power involved. :wink:

I have distant memories of kissing, groping, and there may have been a shadowed canal path. Back alley. :crazy_face:

But never been tempted to pursue it, google her. Live & let die. I put it all behind me …

I have a team working on it atm but did I mention she died some time ago?

The past is best left undug.

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well some say it doesn’t exist any longer [the past that is] but there again some of the new theorists are suggesting that the past present and future all exist on the same dimension we just can’t always remember them or see them too well? Now don’t get me on altered dimensions

I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future

I think I understood the girl and the dream but not sure of the ending - others are pursuing that section and may be able to provide one? but dying at 56 is not a good omen is it?

I don’t know about omen; some people get short changed. Neither my little brother nor my mother reached 56 … for different reasons, in different eras.

I am sorry for your loss: that’s no way to end a dream.

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I’m sorry for your losses too, d00d…

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