A fun commission!

A friend has just asked me to make a card for his sister in law - she will be 90 years old - and her favourite hobbies are ballroom dancing and line dancing!

I am really going to enjoy this one!


A very fit lady!
I’ve got two left feet!

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No need to ask the secret of her longevity then.

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Wow, good for her, I’m impressed. 90yrs old and still dancing!
Can’t wait to see the finished card!

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Oh my word, she puts me to shame! Yes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one Tabby - hope you’ll let us see it before it gets sent off :slightly_smiling_face:

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That sounds like a challenge ST! Please do share the finished product!


Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Yes, will definitely put up photos of the finished card. May take a while as I am due for eye surgery on Monday and not sure of the recovery time - but I have until December to finish it anyway. Have asked if there are any photos available that I can use. I think it is amazing that a 90 year old goes line dancing! Well done that woman.


@SilverTabby … Tabs, I appreciated this is a bit off topic but I wondered if you had read this poem that my Aunt sent me when she was 90 (she didn’t write it)…


Today, Dear Lord, I’m 90, and there’s much I haven’t done.
I hope, Dear Lord, you’ll let me live until I’m 91.

But then, if I haven’t finished all I want to do,
Would you please let me stay awhile? Until I’m 92?

So many places I want to go, so very much to see
Do you think that you could manage to make it 93?

The world is changing very fast, there is so much in store
I’d like it very much to live until I’m 94.

And if I’m feeling pretty well, I’ll know I’m still alive,
So maybe you will let me stay until I’m 95.

More rockets and jets will be up in the air, so I’d really like to stick
And see what happens to the world, when I’m 96.

I know, Dear Lord, it’s much to ask, and it must be nice in Heaven
but really Lord … I would like to stay until I’m 97.

I know, by then, I’m getting slow and sometimes very late.
But, it would be so pleasant to be here at 98.

I will have seen so many things, and had a wonderful time,
So, I’m sure that I’ll be willing to leave at 99.

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(oooooh shivers at the thought)
Good luck for Monday Tabby… hope it all goes well. :023:


By 'ec I love that poem Mags :grinning:

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@Mags - how lovely - thank you, Mags.

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Good luck for Monday Tabby and I know you will enjoy every minute of making that commission.

Mags, that poem is brilliant.