A Flying Fox

I always have trouble with hand held night-time shots, and I only had a couple of seconds before the crafty fellow disappeared. Out little doggy was shouting at the girl-fox on the lawn, so I went back in the house to grab my camera and suddenly spotted the brother up on the roof of our gazebo when I came back out.

We still haven’t worked out how it got there as it is between three and four metres off the ground.

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Great photos, Fruitcake. As for Foxy on the roof - well … I loaned him my besom!

Wow! I know foxes can jump high fences but l didn’t know they could climb onto a roof.

Fruity, I can’t judge how near your gazebo is the the fencing. Is it possible the fox leaped from the fence tops?
Otherwise, have you a log pile or any next to the gazebo he would have used as a stepping stone?

I would be very surprised if he got up there from ground level.

I think he got onto the wall from my neighbour’s side, then onto the summerhouse roof, then onto the gazebo from there.

What I don’t understand is why, unless he wanted to play king of the castle with his sister.

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Great shot well done !

I like the cannon , did you use to have a lot of trouble with your neighbours?

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I made it out of wood. It’s actually pointing towards the fence by the bus-stop to stop drunken revellers if they get too rowdy.