A dream that made no sense at all

There I were, driving to a place I thought would be nice for a day trip.

The road was narrow and followed a path high above a wide river.

I pull into a small settlement, with lots of people out enjoying the view.

I go from this idyllic scene to utter chaos. Somehow I lose my phone but in my hand there was this broken phone which was not mine.

I had no idea where I was so asked a lady sitting on a bench what suburb I was in.

“I mind my own business” was her terse reply.

“You are not wanted here”

Well I thought. Might be best to get out of this unfriendly place.

I thought if I rang the phone the owner might answer!!!

So I did hit dial and someone answered,

“I think I have your phone, how can I get it to you?”

She said "I am in Los Angeles, can you bring it to me?

“No, I can not get there, I am in Australia”

So I get back in my car and discover there is no accelerator pedal nor brakes but the car begins rolling as the road was steep.

Approaching a bend in the road, with the picturesque river in view, I use my feet as brakes, a la Fred Flintstone.

This had no effect, the car was gaining speed, the bend was upon me, the left hand wheel were skirting the road shoulder.

No way was I going to navigate this bend.

I woke up.

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What an anticlimactic ending.
Here, let me rewrite the ending :023:


That is why I woke up. So I would not have to be a part of such a scenario. :grin:


Now you know how it should have ended :040:

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It was probably just nature’s way of telling you,you had to use the bathroom.


True, first thing I done upon wakening was piddle, then off to work. :grin:
Time was 3.33am.

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Ouch. I bet that left a mark.

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Maybe it`s your subconscious thinking about your upcoming holiday Bretrick.

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There must be something at play here.
Going on holiday to a place I love.
The nasty woman was a concern.
Over her now.

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