A conversation thread

I thought it would be nice to have a conversation thread.

About anything that you would like to start a conversation about with other members in your day to day life.

No politics please,:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi Pauline good idea I’m living in the far north of western australia in a small forest in a homestead with dog and cat and a few walllabies ; goannas ; snakes and parrots - very peaceful and not a hint of covid around from the beginning - two shots down now and who knows maybe a third to go. Not to keen on housework - passable but not smart and amuse myself with tv; dvd ; internet all the very active activities!!

No hint of covid, “ Wow”…what type of snakes do you have as neighbours? :open_mouth::open_mouth:…they fascinate me!..

I’m glad you’re back here, it’s a great place to converse with other members, like you I live alone, but I have my faithful companion, Jack my beloved dog,…

Parrots, what an amazing sight that must be, they can become quite tame over time can’t they?

What’s a wallabie?..I’ve heard of them, but never seen one?

Edit to add, what’s a goanna?..never heard of that gumbud?

well living bush life has it’s compensations and snakes will not confront you normally - it’s the accidental confrontations that cause accidents but a dog and cat also scare them away - king browns we get and then can give a poisonous bite. I used to have a tame parrot once when I lived down south in city life but the wilds ones pass over - they may become partial tame I suppose if you feed them in seed bowls perhaps? a wallabie is of course a small kangaroo - so the biggest in other states can get to 6ft tall and rip out ya stomach and kill dogs quite easily but we have the minature which occasionally the dogs can bring down but probably only one a year. And goannas are lizards essential and have a vice like grip if they grab your leg or hand - sometimes or probably always require the head to be severed!! but all these animals we see infrequently it’s not a zoo they keep away from us and we should keep away from them!!

Thanks for sharing that information gumbud, found it interesting…

Are you enjoying being retired?..sorry, not sure if you’re retired?

Morning, spent a bit of time in the Bush many years ago.



That pub looks extremely well kept, nice picture.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I can see a fancy car to the right of the picture.

yes we took him out once for bush survival training - could light a goddam fire every time we said “fire” omg forgotten the next bit??

Are you talking to me gumbud, ?

Not quite understanding?:slightly_smiling_face:

no of course Pauline would never talk to a lady like that! - I did say “yes we took HIM once for etcetc and then it should have read"couldn’t light a goddam fire everytime we said fire” HE - spittie will understand we’ve been talking to each other like this for years - so ask him to complete the sentence ??

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My Uncle Les who I have just lost contact with as his Phone is now dead.
A friend that lives in Denmark well down from Perth is going to check out his home later in the summer.
Safety Bay, Perth my Uncles last known address, and though it always sounded idyllic, until David, our friend said actually,it is a bit of a dump now…All my visions disappeared in a flash.

Had a Farm until Betty his wife got so ill. He had to give it all up and move to an estate…but that did not stop his love of Birds.
He carried on feeding them all and the various Parrots and Parakeets and more no doubt… annoyed the neighbours a lot…Police had got involved and court orders in place for the neighbours to keep away from Uncle Les’s home…He has or did have Dementia so all in all his life has become a bit of a nightmare.

My Sister got involved with the area’s Social Services and he accepted a full time cleaner at least and he reckoned he walk to the supermarket which was a fair distance away…sure he did never managed that…he was /is 97 years old so just makes stuff up and he shouts a lot in a kind of anger…

Sorry that was a bit if a ramble…but I appreciate your life style but make sure you get some more exercise…mean well when I say that, as it is only mainly what we do that keeps us fit or not fit…

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Hi Dianne greetings ; when you say denmark you mean denmark Western Australia> - ok well I have certainly been there used to be a quite serene place - safety bay is different - also been there too - but closer i think to rockingham - lots of new properties and next to the ocean but lots of young families there also so could be a bit rowdy perhaps. haven’t seen it for ove 20 yrs now.

the big thing I think with old age apart from general health is good companionship if you haven’t got that then it can get lonely and depressing - it would be good if your uncle had some close mates who would sit and yarn with him each day etc. difficult to do it alone - let me know what happens anyway I am always interested!

He’s one of the poet’s from poets corner Pauline!!
I don’t fink he is retired, more like" tired" ?
But he does do some good purtry l must say!!
Donkeyman!:hugs::hugs:. @pauline3