A bird on the wing

I let the dogs out this evening only to hear continuous screeching in the sky. At first I thought it might be a seagull, since we are near the coast, or an amenity-gull, since we are not far from the local amenity site (tip), but when I spotted the bird causing all the noise I realised it was smaller than a gull, and flapping its wings faster than a gull.

I called to my Lovely Cousin and said I thought it was a hawk, and we watched it flying in circles for some time. Eventually it was joined by another one, also circling, but it still continued to screech for several more minutes. We could only conclude that it had either lost its mate, or was a youngster that had lost one of it’s parents.

Eventually it stopped making a noise as they flew off whilst gaining height.

I just managed to get this one shot of it.