A Big Ol' Iceberg

This massive iceberg, about the same area as Majorca, just calved off of Antartica


This is what a calving of this size looks like from the air:

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Impressive and worrying.

We have somewhere about 230 glaciers and all are receding, so it is a worrying concept.
Fox glacier New Zealand. Get an idea of scale, see the people within the circle, not to be confused with the couple in the foreground.

Why is it worrying Summer?

This actually disproves the theory that sea levels are rising…

Sea levels are actually dropping and here is the proof.

When water levels drop underneath the ice it can no longer support itself and breaks away from the main body.
Contrary to the dramatic reports found in the MSM Antarctic sea ice is actually accumulating and getting thicker…The heavier the freestanding Ice gets, the more likely it is to break away. Quite opposite from the rubbish being put out by the media…


Overall, the long-term trend in Antarctic sea ice is nearly flat, for the annual average and for every month. Spanning over four decades, the satellite record shows periods of increasing and decreasing sea ice, but few of those trends have been statistically significant. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, Antarctic sea ice yearly minimum extents (occurring in February or March) not only exceeded the 1981–2010 average, they also exceeded almost all the values in the satellite record for that time of year. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, yearly maximum extents (occurring in September) were successively the highest on record.

Nothing much changes just seasonal fluctuations…:009::069:

But that does'nt explain why  the glaciers are retreating  OGF ??

Which can only be that world temperatures ARE going up !!
This does not mean that ambient temperatures rising is caused by
humans, as ambient has fluctuated for millennia as witnessed
by archeological evidence etc ! And as such it seems we can have
little effect in influencing our enviroment to become either warmer
or colder ?
This is not to say we should not be worried. !


Wow! Wonder where that will end up, it’s huge.

Well we can worry, but it won’t do any good Donkeyman. If people are really concerned they should sell their vehicles to prevent any further damage to the environment…But I don’t think they will, just continue giving it lip service.

Could attach a few towropes and tug it to different parts of the World. Hire it out as a mobile ice playground for as long as it lasts. :slight_smile:

Are the “media” lying, Foxy, or are they just making an honest mistake?

Doing as they are told Harbal…

Actually Icebergs are comprised of freshwater mart, they could tow it to Africa where they are short of water…An iceberg that size would take months to melt, even in tropical temperatures.

Is that what you’ve been told, Foxy? :wink:

I don’t see any balanced or unbiased news items harbal, so I just assumed they were working to an agenda.

Branding the “mainstream media” as liars is quite the thing these days. Donald Trump was forever doing it when he found what they were saying inconvenient. What is the “agenda” behind getting us to falsely believe the sea levels are rising, do you imagine, Foxy?

I’m not branding the MSM as liars Harbal, they are very selective and tailor the news to suit the agenda, you must live in a cave with no link to the outside world if you haven’t noticed…:surprised:

Everything you and I know about what is happening in the world comes via the MSM, they could say what they like…Very rare that proper scientists agree with each other but you never see conflicting stuff…:102:

I think OGF belongs to the Flat Earth Society! :-). Ask the people of places like Kiribati in the Pacific.

But why do you think they want you to believe the sea level is rising if it isn’t?

Perhaps you are in denial because you don’t want Doncaster to become a coastal resort. :slight_smile:

It would certainly save me some diesel Harbal…

Well one of us does Ciderman…:cool:

We could go cycling on the beach. :slight_smile: