92 wins for Lewis Hamilton - making F1 history!

Thanks for your thoughts, nice input but I can’t see RB exiting altogether. Mercedes winning is becoming predictable, they need some real competition!

Helmet Marco has hinted at pulling the plug on red bull and alpha tori , it is possible but I hope they won’t, as for Mercedes dominance, well we’ve been here before , red bull, Ferrari, mclaren, Williams, they’ve all had their turn at dominating the sport,

Whatever happened to the ‘Braun’ team?

Er…they were bought by another team…Mercedes

Lets hope the F1 techy guys are still making Ventilators during their down time, they maybe needed.

Don’t think they’ll have any downtime now spitty, the f1 machine is all consuming…

Yes he is Minxy !
He is consistantly funny!
On the subject of mercedes supplying engines to red bull l think
You should research your information further as renault have
only recently being supplying red bulls engines, say the last five
years or so? Before that it was, mercedes before they did the dirty
on Christian Horner !!
Mercedes supplied engines to two or three other teams as well
BTW, but only the previous years engines, which the recipient teams
then had to develop themselves to make them competitive !!


Sorry Minxy, looks like l got you mixed up with primus ??
But the post stands!!

Donkeyman, I was just wondering out loud, what do you think RB will do now for an engine?

Red bull joined f1 in 2004 using cosworth engines, then used Ferrari engines until 2007 where they then were supplied by Renault, until 2015 they had a falling out and rebadged the Renault engines as tag hauer, before switching to the Honda engines in 2018

That’s no problem Heehawman :smiley:

My humble apologies Primus and Minxy, you are both right and l
was wrong, l have just looked at at a thing called wikipeadia and l
was amazed at the amount of information there is on FI !
It seems my memory is at fault as l have believed that mercedes
supplied red bull with engines for at least the last eight years??
Maybe l was confused by the Austrian TAG engines??
Anyway, my apologies to you and also to Toto Wolfe who l have
been slagging off for the last eight years!!
I bow to your superior knowledge, salaam! salaam!


PS.  Moto is still the better sport though!

I dont know about the engine Minxy but l think F1 is in danger of
pricing itself out of motor racing and is lkely to reform nd start
using a common engine for all the teams??
I see drivers wages have just been capped due to the their
unaffordability for the smaller teams???


And all this Black Supremacy nonsense isn’t doing F1 any favours either…:009:

Yes, l think Lewis is suffering an identity crisis OGF??


Great for him but do not like the bloke especially when he moans about being asked to take a pay cut.

Yes , it makes me smile when I hear some drivers say they would race for nothing if they could be in a race winning car

I believe Lewis has just won the Turkish GP??
Good for him, l did’nt know there was such a thing as a Turkish GP??
I have just watched the Moto GP in Valencia spain where Suzuki
have just clinched the world championship after spending years
in the wilderness !!
The race its self ended in dramatic fashion as Jack Miller ( ducati)
attempted to get the win from Franco Morbidelli ( Yamaha) on the
last two laps but failed by about two hundredths of a second on
the finish line after taking and then losing the lead two or three
I recommend any car racing fanatics to watch this Moto GP to see
what motor racing is really about !!!


Yes he did win! Watching MotoGP as well!


Vettel and Perez drivers of the day for me…:038: