70s Hit Groups - do you have any faves?

Starting with my most favourite group.
With so many hits its hard to chose the best.
The first should get those feet moving.

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My friend is their drummer. Another one of my friends is Mud (and Slades) stage manager.

We have a fair chunk of Sweets gear up at the warehouse. Nobody abuses a guitar like Andy Scott :lol:

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Gotta leave for a while dental appointment if you feel like adding to this thread please do. But I promise much more to come.

Nice Longfellow:-)

All favourites of mine Longfellow. I can remember dancing to ‘Tiger feet’ at a family Christmas party in about '75 (I was twelve). When I hear the name Mud, it immediately takes me back to that moment.

I loved The Sweet too. Blockbuster was my favourite and I must have played it a thousand times.

The seventies… when music was FUN.

Suzi Quatro was my kinda gal back in the 70s.:-p Shame how she’s aged.

Thanks LD, yes so much fun and so experimental with different styles of music. So many big bands survived into the 2000’s as well.
All favourites of mine Longfellow. I can remember dancing to ‘Tiger feet’ at a family Christmas party in about '75 (I was twelve) and I was 22 the year I got married. :lol: Keep swinging those arms… :lol:

Thanks Minx thought this maybe a bit on the old side for you. ;-):lol:

Yes she was a babe in those days Percy then she swanned off with Chris Norman from Smokey.

An early version of Pans People. :lol:

He’s better without that black leather suit.

Right back to the groups.

These boys already were big hits in the 60’s but I gotta play a couple of their songs (because I want to.) :wink:
I remember singing this first one in the school yard, the second I was in the Steel Works studying a trade that was worthless in years to come.






No T Rex?
I remember when Marc died, a group of us walked down and saw the police there , they had the area all coned off.

Page one Cass.
1/ Ride A White Swan
2/ Hot Love.
3/ Get It On “Bang The Gong.”
I will post some more later.

Yes shame about Bolan such a great musician so much talent.
Bloody mini’s I have only ever drove one once and the pedals where miniature to my feet ,so uncomfortable as well

Agree with your appraisal of Marc B can’t agree on your opinion of minis. I’ve had a load, love them …throw them about , race them anywhere, they’re brilliant little cars. some idiot once came round the corner on the wrong side of the road smashed into the front of my mini wrote it off , all I had was a slight red bump on one knee .