60 years ago today (9 Feb)

They turned out quite ok I think.


Wasn’t it also 60 years ago that the Voyager disaster happened, That wasn’t fun.

I remember watching the Ed Sullivan Show, and wondering why so many of those girls my age were screaming, when they should have been happy! Silly willies, they were…me, I watched in quiet awe.
So enjoyed seeing them perform, still do!

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Hadn’t heard of that.Grim stuff.

I don’t think Ed was too keen but he didn’t like Elvis either.

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still deciding who to marry then??

I am surprised you haven’t heard of it before, it was the biggest peacetime maritime disaster in Australia’s history and the subject of two Royal Commissions. Even on its 60th anniversary a new book has been written calling into doubt the findings of the Royal Commissions

The ship was cut in half by HMAS Melbourne and the front section sank within 10 minutes, the rest of the ship within a few hours.

It was a massive cover up by the Navy and Menzies wanted all the survivors out of the Navy because of this cover up.