6 Nations Ireland 20- 32 England

That’s how we roll!

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Yesterday-France19-24 Wales.

Great match, and the Scots played well too!:smiley:

Looks like we non EU countries could teach them a few things about rugby!:038:

Sure we have to let you win occasionally!:smiley:

No surprise there then - one Welsh rugger player is worth 25 french ones!:smiley:

Well done England yoohoo, a good win well deserved by the whole team.


PS and a brilliant win by the English ladies yesterday.


That’s one in the eye for Varadkar :lol:

I wanted Ireland to win… Boo Hoo…

Wash yer mouth out Arty…:018:

I’ll deal with this…

Out you go Arty :smiley:


Hopefully once this EU malarci is over there will be no more playing these teams including football

Yep i’ll 2nd that…:lol:

It is the 6 Nations rugby tournament, which was originally the 4 nations… England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland, back in 1883. Surely you don’t think we should be as difficult as the EU in letting Italy and France leave! :mrgreen:

Don’t forget Ireland

I can guarantee that Ireland won’t want to leave!:lol:

Not an option unless of course they do as we say over leaving the EU our game our rules

What are you suggesting? :confused: The tournament is the 6 nations , not the 6 EU countries & 5 of those nations were playing long before the EU was created.


Politics rearing its ugly head in this thread too?

It’s mean’t to be a bit o’ banter between rival teams, the same banter and friendly rivalry that’s been going on for decades. There’s no trouble between rival crowds at matches, all are there to enjoy the game and mingle well together.

Perhaps we can follow the same ethos here and not get nasty?

Well said Judd…:023: