57 going on 25!

Hi all! :-):cool::-D:mrgreen::lol:

I’m a 57 years old “adventure Unicyclist”. Been riding daily now since late 2005, and it has not only changed my life, but SAVED my life! When I’m not riding the rugged mountain trails here in SoCal, I’m tackling some of the steepest streets in the world, like this 30% grade whopper is Laguna Beach, CA:

[SIZE=“4”]Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson [/SIZE]


Hi Terry :slight_smile: a warm welcome to the forum…

Hi Terry, Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy yourself.
You can get some hills like that in Yorkshire if you google it.
Plus with the weather we have just had over the last few months
it would have clipped your wings from cycling believe me. :shock:
We dont get Californian weather in Yorkshire.
Hope you enjoy your time on the roads and be careful.


Hello and welcome
I have some mountains behind me that 2 wheel cyclist ride and it makes me cringe for their safety… Have you ever gone flat on your face ?

All I can say is “wow” !!! Not an easy thing to do but I suppose once you’ve mastered it its easy peasy!!

Welcome to the forum Terry. :slight_smile: I’ve not been a member long but have made some lovely friends. :slight_smile:

Hello Terry, welcome to the forum…don’t think we have had any unicyclists on here before :smiley:
I gave up two wheels years ago!

Hello Terry :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you…

Good morning Terry matey and welcome.

Hi Terry - welcome to the forum.

Your post made me think of a killer hill in the UK and I’m hoping some FMs will know it: I think it might be between Lynton and Lynmouth, lots of emergency run offs on it, it’s seriously steep.

Is that Countisbury Hill, Karen? We have been up and down it a couple of times many years ago and well remember how frightening it could be.

Here’s a video taken from a double decker bus going down the hill … it seems never ending!:lol:

Hello Terry and a warm welcome to you.:slight_smile:

No, that wasn’t it Mags but I spied a link off to the right of that video and it was Porlock Hill - scary stuff, especially with my Dad’s exaggerating sounds as we careened down it :lol:

Karen darlin’ - there’s a similar steep hill near me - one the ‘beacons’ on the South Downs. - this is Ditchling Beacon just outside Brighton.

I remember this chap as I made a comment on his previous posting.

Porlock Hill is reputed to be the steepest hill in England goes up 1300ft in 2 miles and is 1 in 4. My Dad overturned our car at the top of it in 1973, it ended up on it’s roof. :cry:

Absolutely Hazel - it beat any fairground ride at that time!

Sorry Uncle Joe - there were no escape things (basically an area filled with sand) for cars to steer into once they went out of control on that road in your clip. Porlock Hill: once experienced, never forgotten!

Thanks to all for the warm welcome and comments! :smiley:

Hello and a warm welcome :slight_smile: