5.30am I went out to water the garden

I noticed my vehicle had a flat tyre.
I have been driving since 1987 and this is the first flat tyre I have had.
Trepidation sets in. Will I be able to change the tyre?
20 minutes is all it took.
I read the manual first. No issues.
One of those space saver tyres went on. What rot. Space saver? The flat tyre fit comfortably into
the tyre well. Cheap skates. That is what they are. Give a cheaper spare tyre instead of the proper one.

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Had to laugh. I have been driving since 1963 and have had two flat tyres, the first was a faulty valve on a newly fitted tyre on my HK Holden (in the days when they automatically fitted a new valve when they changed the tyre). In those days the tyre place was at the end of my street so I rolled the tyre down and they replaced the valve.

The second time was about 9 years ago, I got a puncture coming down Macquarie Pass in my Colt when the road was littered with debris from a storm. I couldn’t undo the wheel bolts so had to get the NRMA to come out and change the tyre for me. It was a space saver something I would never get again - can you imagine driving 300km at 80kph to get to a tyre place?

These days whenever my car comes back from a service or tyre change I always check that I can undo the wheel nuts with a wheel brace in my garage where I have a long bar if needed.

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I got a puncture in my car, I’d only had it ten days, fortunately it was only a slow puncture and it was repairable as I only have the tyre gunk, the reason manufacturers fit space saver wheels is to save on weight and thus meets their emissions targets, the fact it saves them money is an added bonus…

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Have had two flat tyres as far as I can remember. One was due to a bad valve, the other one caused by a four inches long nail which I had driven into on an abandoned building site. The good news was that I’d just bought the whole set of tyres which included full insurance cover as an extra.

My last three Toyota cars came with that repair kit that stops functioning after two years and which I never replace. Would have to call a towing service anyway.

What I’ve always done for the last twenty years is to open the bonnet and give the car a visual check the before I leave the garage. Sometimes the plug connectors were not fitted properly or something else needed correcting. In August I was having my car serviced by the flagship garage of our region and to my surprise I noticed a plastic clip lying on the rear foot well where the battery is located which had been replaced out of courtesy. I got suspicious and took a look under the rear seats and saw this:

A small rag was lying directly on the battery possible preventing it from working properly. I can only hope that they fitted the gas drainage correctly so that the gas gets released into the open. The skilled worker shortage makes itself felt everywhere.

That’s a bit poor service dachs, incidentally, how are you getting on with your Yaris cross?, I love mine…

You’ve got the same?

I’ve come to like it again, let me put it that way, after I had got disillusioned with the starter battery needing recharging every two weeks at least. But since I complained to them and they reacted by replacing the battery I tend to like it again. :laughing: If they could fix the starter battery problem a bit better, it would be the ideal car for me until I can drive a plug-in hybrid or full EV. How are you getting on with yours?