2024 UK General Election - who did you vote for?

Coming from a family who had a Junior Minister in the Blair government and now safely in a safe Labour constituency there was only one way I was going to vote.
But I used to vote Lib-Dem in my previously safe Tory constituency until they went into coalition with the Tories.
I can never forgive them for that.
And no…I haven’t moved.It’s boundary changes.

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Surprisingly there was no Reform candidate in the Doncaster North constituency but there was a Social Democrat (David Bettany) who more or less adopted the Reform manifesto, and even mentioned his support for Reform. So I voted for him. Ed Miliband is the labour candidate, and will probably join the labour council yet again since the boundary changes greatly benefit labour.
I would never support any party that supports ‘Net Zero’ although I’m all for reducing pollution. But only if the solutions are as efficient as current methods, which wind turbines and solar panels are not. Neither are electric vehicles.

since our local MP is the speaker of the house there is no opposition albeit a few minor parties did try, but no reform candidate, so i didn’t vote

Would have voted reform but it was always going to be conservative or snp in this area so voted conservative

It was almost pointless. My constituency has always been a Conservative safe seat and they won by a massive majority - yet again, despite a vigorous campaign by Labour. It has never changed all the years I’ve lived here.

Voted none, and expect to in future, even if the voting system is reformed corruption is the motivation behind the elected.

Disappointed but not surprised.
As usual the three wards of Doncaster have returned a labour majority despite my vote… :frowning_face:
It’s like swimming against the tide so it’s time to stop swimming and not waste one more moment of my life on politics…

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Same here Abbey.

Intense public scrutiny needed on Members of Parliament and their performance, make it abundantly clear that UK politics just got a little tougher for all of them. Apathy is not an option for those expecting a “cushy” time.

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Here also, only five candidates.

Reform UK

  • Total seats 4
  • Change +4
  • Total votes 4,092,209
  • Share 14.3%
  • Share change +12.3


  • Total seats 4
  • Change +3
  • Total votes 1,939,509
  • Share 6.8%
  • Share change +4.1

Plaid Cymru

  • Total seats 4
  • Change +2
  • Total votes 194,811
  • Share 0.7%
  • Share change +0.2

An unfair system.

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Labour for me - a tactical vote to keep out the SNP. Thankfully it wasn’t in vain.

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I voted tactically as always, for the LibDems, who was elected with a big majority.


Was very suprised with the Romford MP being reelected.

Or, while swimming, turn around and go with the trend. It strikes me that so many of us will benefit from a Labour government.

The new foreign secretary is in for a difficult time if the “tyrant in a toupee” wins in November.


This does not surprise me at all and it’s just my opinion.
The question was who did you vote for, and only two answered the question.
Some did not vote at all??? Chance to have a say that counts and not use it. I don’t know about there, but here, it’s an unwritten rule. If you didn’t vote, you have right to complain.
My hat is off to the the ones that stood up and was counted.
Just my opinion.


I wanted to vote tactically, but no one from that party was standing, you’d think they would have done better as it seemed a lot of people were voting tactically…I don’t think they won any seats…

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I’m happy to confirm that I voted Labour. I’ve recently met Rachel Reeves and she impressed me hugely. A smart, financially savvy politician. A good day.

This sums up what many around the country were thinking when they woke this morning


Thanks for the Jonathan Pie video @AnnieS - he is so irreverently witty and it gave me a great laugh. :rofl::joy::+1:

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