2024 holiday booking

Just booking a holiday with a well known company for next year to Portugal (river cruise). They just need to check my medical condition first. they are holding the booking for us

Porto To Salamanca ?

I never been on a river cruise RS…we hired a boat on the Canal du Midi once that was fun but obviously not the same…I wonder because you seem well travelled what river cruise company and tour would you recommend for first timers if we decide to book one?

We have done a lot of ocean cruises but fancy a change

Like everything else going on a river cruise depends on what to are prepared to pay. Then there is what interests you as to where you want to go and how long for. Also what time of year c an affect prices. We had booked to go through Europe then covid stopped that .
the Nile cruise was with a company called "Anatolian Sky " that was back in2012 which was a Cairo with a nile cruise cost was back then ÂŁ1700 pp. really enjoyed that

I just fell in love with Norway and the Fjords with “viking cruises” if it is scenery your after it is truely stunning but one of the more expensive cruise lines. l loved it so much been there twice


Crikey, I haven’t finished with 2023 trips yet never mind 2024!

As soon as travel companies issue holiday date a year+ in advance if you want a certain holiday and dates then book early. Here in the UK they get snapped up very quickly. Booking 18months. In advance is not uncommon

We might book the fjords next year…thankyou for the info…I will update you on what we book RS.

First we have a holiday with pals booked in October to Kalkan in Turkey …we love it there

We go to Turkey every year. We went to Kalkan a few years ago. We are presently in Içmeler.

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Summer If you do decide to go to Norway and do the fjords book on a smaller ship, they can go ontgo tghe fjord further. We went on the ship the Viking Mars which did Norway Fareo isles and Iceland but very pricey, but not what your after.

Just for Norway we went beforeon 4 june 2018 with P&O from Southampton on the ship Aurora. Cost then wasÂŁ1449 pp

there is so much more to norway than justr the fjords such as the Flam railway and the glaciers

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I booked last year’s Christmas Cruise (P&O) in November and got a very good price for it. When I was originally looking they said there were no balcony cabins left but asked me to leave an email address.

Eventually they got back to me and said there were some restricted view cabin left at a reduced price so I booked, next thing I knew they had up graded me to a unrestricted view cabin.

Perhaps the secret is to wait until the last minute? Personally cruises are way down on my favourite holiday list, travelling with a thousand or so other people in a tin can is not my idea of heaven but I was desperate because my kids and friends all had travel plans and air fares to Asia were outrageous, in the end it wasn’t too bad.

I think it was Viking Mars that was parked behind us when we returned to Sydney, it must have been lost.

Bruce the Viking ship we were on only holds around 930 passangers and i have to say having been on several different cruise liners this Viking ship stands head and shoulders above the other…

Only one thing that seriously lets the company down is their policy of those that pay the most get first choice of trips out and specialist dining. They have forgotton they those paying less may want the more expensive day trips out .

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My favourite cruise line is azamara they only have three ships…smaller and luxurious some trips and alcohol included in the price

Thanks for all the advice here…I will definitely look into Norway for next year.

Yes Scott I love Turkey too…we usually stay at the Kalkan Regency…enjoy your holiday in Icmeler

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I have never been on a cruise .
People catch things on them and die so they don’t appeal .

In 2019, the global cruise industry welcomed nearly 30 million passengers,

You can catch things in supmarkets as well. I have to be a little rude sorry and say that is a stupid attitude to take.

Not only is the hygene discipline on cruise ships strict but they also have their own very well equipeped medical facilities. I know when I fell over the treatment i received could not have been better in any hospital.
OK you may not want to go on a cruise fair enough but don’t knock it for the reason you give, because your missing so much

I would rather spend my holiday being looked after better than any hotel, see different countries with a tour guide in each port, have free time to wander around places while docked, Have a much wider choice of food/drinks ( free drinks with meal ) at meal times than any hotel/resturant can supply as well as different dning places. free entertainment with superb stage shows

onboard theatre free to watch, most nights something different

usually more than just one show or entertainment somewhere on board

try getting that in a hotel??

smaller theatre

you actually get to chat with the entertainers, that guy for example he told me he learnt to play for his church originally.

all this and lots more such as quiz nights- cooking demo - talks or just the library for a quiet area

or join in activities

I am sure it’s lovely RS
But I have lived in many countries and seen endless cruise ships come in disgorging passengers ( to be ripped off by the locals ) but hey they have to live too.
However people go missing off cruise ships and are never seen again .
As I am neither a huge eater or drinker masses of food don’t do it for me.
Different strokes and all that
Still it’s what you like and I hope that you enjoy your holiday .

I’ve on a couple of cruises, they are a cheap holiday, they are like an overcrowded Butlin’s holiday camp with less entertainment but much better food, better accommodation, pub priced booze and no escape.

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Just rung the travel company and confirmed our booking to portugal river cruise for 2024. paid the deposit so that is all done, also included a VIP courier service with a car from home to airport out and airport to home on the way back

Yes indeed. A cruise doesn’t appeal to me at all. Mind you, my seafaring experiences have been mostly Canadian Icebreakers.

Realspeed, I wish you with your excursion!