2023 - When does autumn start?

The sun is setting earlier and the nights are getting longer. The autumn equinox falls on Saturday 23 September this year and marks the day when day and night are roughly equal length.

You may be asking, hasn’t autumn already started? Meteorologists use 1 September as marking the first day of autumn. The main reason behind this is that it makes it simpler to compare seasonal and monthly statistics. Whereas, autumn beginning on the day of the equinox is based on astronomy, taking into consideration Earth’s orbit and proximity to the sun.

So, it’s here … :fallen_leaf:


All downhill now Omah…

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I like this time of year…:slight_smile:


When you have no meat on your bones it gets bloody cold this time of year. Thinking about having an estimate done on putting a glass dome around the house.
Thats how bad I am feeling this chill, or perhaps cover it with solar panels that will pay the electricity bill I suppose. :grin:

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Deleted… duplicate post.

Autumn is my favourite month followed by Spring. :grinning:

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And it was a lovely stroll this afternoon too…


It was cold here last night, 7 or 8C.

I love the autumn, a wonderful time to get out into the countryside. The time of year to dust down the slow cooker in preparation for all those rich, warming meaty casseroles, not to mention roast chestnuts, mulled ale and celebrating seasonality :maple_leaf::mushroom::jack_o_lantern::chestnut:


Today when I have just filled my first hot water bottle ! :grinning:

No heating required …

I look forward to the fall; the foliage, the sunsets, the cooler weather to go for walks, can now wear turtlenecks and sweaters, ankle boots, and not have to worry about breaking out in a sweat!

I even like the winter and snow…walking outside in the crisp air with snow flakes falling is delightful.


I took down some hanging baskets yesterday…thats always a sad day for me and a sure sign winter is around the corner :confused:


Too right David. I used to love this time of year but I’m starting to feel the cold already, put the heating on the last couple of evenings. The bedroom doesn’t ever get any sun and it feels like a crypt when I go to bed. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! I’ll have to start wearing pyjamas at this rate…

Getting a bit chilly overnight now in the South East corner but still 18, 19 or 22 degrees C expected on Monday during the daytime.

Picked two bowls of mixed ripe tomatoes today from an unheated greenhouse so cannot be bad. Some large deep red and purple dahlias still in full bloom in garden also smaller yellow ones and Cosmos.

The street is lined with Chestnut trees so the ripe conkers bounce off roofs of cars. Perhaps that might deter them from parking in the street as we are quite close to the railway station for commuters.


Yep, probably won’t be too long before the heating is on, just for a quick blast first thing in the morning. It’s starting to feel a tad chilly around dawn here in Sussex.

That’s a seductive little nightie you are sporting there OGF :rofl:

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You hardy lot we have had the heating on for ages .
Can’t be doing with the cold .


I’m not that hardy Muddy…I bought an electric fleece last year :shushing_face:

In all seriousness it’s really worth having, nothing like those old fashioned lumpy electric blankets.


My thermostat is set to 20.5C on the advice of the medics.

The heating in the lounge has already been on for a couple of nights.

What is telling are my LEDs in the lounge, programmed to come on in low light conditions.

They have been early recently, today at 2:50 in the afternoon.