1948 Royal Command Performance do you recognise anyone?

Looking at the YT, I was struck by those I could name on the front row, which made me feel old ,

Can you name any ?

Arthur Askey, I thank you.

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Just had a look at the list in Wiki. Crumbs, I remember some of those!!!

haha you cheated , without looking , I remember Bernard Breslaw, Arthur Askey , I think Dickie Henderson could be wrong , Flanagan and Allan , the guy with the Mustache , recognise him but not his name ,

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I recognised Askey all by myself, largely from.when I watched him either on New Faces or Opportunity Knocks years later. Can’t remember which.

Thought the old bloke behind him was Malcolm Muggeridge. Seems I was wrong.

I recognize some who have already been named. But, am I kidding myself in thinking I can see Burl Ives there?

just had another look and I think behind Julie Andrews , is Maurice Chevalier , and Danny Kaye …

I dont see Burl Ives …

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I recognise Arthur Askey and, I think, Dickie Henderson and Danny Kaye. And is that Bob Monkhouse, standing in between Dickie Henderson and the woman with the deep V-neck costume, bottom right hand corner?

Could the fellow with the big handlebar moustache be Jimmy Edwards? He would have been 28 that year.

yes JimmyEdwards was the one i was thinking of .

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D’oh. I was trying to figure out where you were all getting those names from. I was just looking at the still picture and hadn’t actually played the video​:roll_eyes::confounded:

I recognised Ted Ray, Danny Kaye, Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen and Arthur Askey.

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Performances :: 1948, London Palladium | Royal Variety Charity

From the website:

This was the last performance of the comedienne, Nellie Wallace, who collapsed as she came off the stage and died several days later.

From elsewhere: