100 Vaginas (on TV)

Having switched chanells on TV ,I beheld Photographer Laura Dodsworth who decided to photograph 100 women’s vaginas, wih graphic photos for our education, and a group of women talked about ther likes and dislikes about them

I think we all know what they are for by now, don’t we?

Apparently some viewers praised the programme and said it should be shown in Schools. .
There is no modesty left these days and we should all be happy to reveal all naturally.

Perhaps there will be a ballet soon called, ‘The Dance of the Vagina and Penise’ with rousing music!

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Will this be followed by the trumpets of 100 a**holes? Also to be shown in schools for educational reasons…! Like nasal cavities some things are best left to the medical profession.

HA! HA! AnnieS

Yes you are right, Some things should beleft to the Medical Profession.


In 1967 I sat through a showing of Yoko Ono’s “No4”, also known as “365 Bottoms” - that’s all that was in the film - close ups of (allegedly) famous persons’ naked bottoms moving in time to a pulsating beat … it was, allegedly, made to encourage “world peace” … :015:

No comment. :confused:

Can’t wait to see Artful Todger’s comment…or then again maybe I can. :confused:

Can’t see any problems with such a program, after all there is nothing in it

What ever rock’s your boat Azure, certainly not mine although I am safe I don’t actually watch tv just download movies and series.

AnnieS →
Will this be followed by the trumpets of 100 a**holes? .

I don’t think there would be the follow up. I reckon those that allowed their private parts to be shown where the actual a**holes.
I suppose you can say they got their 15 seconds of shame.

Think you really need to get a hobby. :lol:

Erm … that was in 1967 … :wink:

they’ll be ‘teaching’ us how to insert tampons next, what the heck is wrong with some people, why would you want to spread your legs and show what should be your private parts to the whole nation. Screws loose spring to mind

100 vaginas eh?.. Amateurs. :lol::lol:

Was this programme a repeat Azure?
I’ve got a feeling I’ve seen it a long time back.

If that woman wants to photograph vaginas for a living, and some silly moo’s are happy to comply, that’s up to them, but I definitely do not think it should be made into a television programme.

Having said that, I’m sure there was another programme on a week or two ago about mens penises too. I could be wrong, but I think it might have been black mens penises.

I can’t understand the obsession these people have with flaunting their body parts, because that’s all they are - perfectly normal body parts. We’ve all got them!

As others have said, is there no modesty or sense of privacy any more?
Who in their right mind would want a stranger poking about and photographing their privates for her own weird gratification? I can only assume they must be equally weird themselves.

I must be getting old. :102:

Having said that, I’m sure there was another programme on a week or two ago about mens penises too. I could be wrong, but I think it might have been black mens penises.

Hey Mups just what kind of tv mags are you reading these days… :lol::lol:

'Tis true, Bigfella, I have no idea what channel it was on now, but I remember it being on.

It was about some daft men fretting about the size and shape of their willies and comparing them. They were like schoolboys in ther playground.
I turned it off after five minutes - honest. :smiley:

|(Hope you’re keeping well ). :slight_smile:

That’s 5 minutes you can’t get back :cool:

This programe shold have been aimed at Medical Students.
In fact many years ago the participants would have all beeen fined for obscenity.
I did not watch all the programme , although they did talk about Rape, Female Mutilation, and matters sexual.
None of this is new, apart from Graphics of women concerned
Did they get paid? I wonder?

Fifty years ago there were many books on the subgect, usualy bought by discretely by men.

In 1972 ‘The Joy of Sex’ was a best seller for many months.

I should just like to point out that the correct British spelling of that word is a***holes.

Seen one you’ve seen them all. :wink:

Yes, I think I have a vague idea of what they are and what they are for.

Actually, I seem to remember once - a very long time ago - posting a picture of various ‘styles’ of vulvas for comparison, which I had found somewhere on the internet.

I’m afraid I can’t remember now exactly where they came from, the name of the thread, or even where it has now gone.

The only thing I do remember is that I was quite surprised that it wasn’t banned and deleted at the time although it was, I suppose, educational rather than coarse and vulgar.