Wild scottish haggis


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It is true that the wild variety has a richer taste but there is so little of it. The outdoor reared farmed variety is a larger beast, more suitable for large gatherings. Its like the difference between wild duck and farmed duck. Tastier but you need one each.

Och, the noo !

The Irn Bru tree!:sweat_smile:

Is wild haggis available all year round or is there a shooting season?

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Shooting? Ha! Good luck with that. The fast little critters stay in the heather and undergrowth so its nearly impossible to get a clean shot in. Plus their habit of running in circles means that the hunting party would frequently risk shooting each other, or their own feet.


Haggis - Wikipedia.

Laughing here because I told a gullible person that haggis was actually a bird related to ptarmigan and grouse…and could only be hunted by bow and arrow in January–in time for Robbie Burns day.


Your story is funny as the haggis is more like a capercaillie.

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I suppose the hunting season is restricted so that all the tiny haggises have time to develop.

Plural. Did you never do Latin?

So what’s the collective noun for a group of Haggii?

. . . but surely the plural of penis is penises!

This is a very interesting debate. We all know that a group of crows is a murder. And owls are a parliament. But I’ve never seen the definition of a group of Haggii. Perhaps a “toast” of Haggii. Or an “ode” of Haggii?

This is hilarious! :joy:

Its a Huddle of Haggi, due to the way they coorie around each other as a form of defence. (To coorie means to snuggle around, nestle against). So being as they are fairly small and nocturnal, they wander around in groups (matriarchal, by the way) and upon sensing danger, they mass together to appear as one large creature. The dominant female is usually the largest, and as such, she is the one who bares her teeth and “chirrups” angrily in the face of an enemy.

But that is only because the root, as it were, of peni was already applied in the verb that means to make a complete Richard of oneself

Hmm!.. I had a Penitum computer.

A toast of Haggi might be appropriate due to their dependence on large amounts of Scotch whisky - especially a single malt.