Wilbur Smith has died

The author Wilbur Smith has died .


My favourite author …spent many a pleasant hour reading his books

Such sad news to hear early this morning. He’s one of my favourite authors as evidenced by my collection of some of his book titles :cry:

I tried some of his books, just couldn’t get into them.

I have read some, of his books but not lately. He had a lot made into films. A very popular author.

RIP Wilbur Smith.

My husband’s favourite author, he will be missed.

Same here.

Dang. Big fan.
Currently reading first book - again - When the Lion Feeds.

Sorry to hear Wilbur Smith has died. I have all his books. The earlier books were enthralling, but unfortunately I think his last few lacked something. Probably he had help with them. Anyway, for the most park his work was a great read and I am sure his books will be read for many years to come.

I read “Hungry As The Sea” a while back, great book.

Sorry to hear there will be no more, RIP Wilbur.