What's that logo?

3 Nescafe

yep :grin:

  1. Boots

well done minx, :grin:

a couple more …



Number 11 COOP?

Number 8: Campbell’s

well done Dachs, Campbell’s it is,

but COOP? I’m afraid not.

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#11 Loop ?

7 Willow

sorry guys

this makes it easy


phew … that was hard work (but I enjoyed it)

and I’ve been playing some more, see other thread.

  1. Pinterest
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  1. Could it be LG
  1. Lloyds Bank

I’m hoping these are ‘internationally recognised brands’…

Thanks for giving me a restless night. Hope your arm is healing nicely.

  1. John Lewis & Partners

I think that’s it, all done, thanks for playing.

HaHa,you are good at this minx. I don’t know how international some of these names are. Do you have Boots in SA?

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I have no idea.