What made you say F*** today

Just turn the other cheek Crabby…

I feel too “In the pink” to swear.

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That Isreal and Palestine are at war again.
When will the bloodshed, suffering and atrocities end on both sides.

The second of my three sons is being tested for Cancer. F - - K!!!

I hope it turns out to be good news EZ…


Thank you Foxy.

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No one million pound win on the lottery this month…again…

Not much makes me swear…circumstances but not people. Folks are simply an annoyance when they choose to show their bad side. :wink:

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Both blood and urine tests carried out on my son have proved inconclusive, further tests required.

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Sending mountains of encouragement your way, Den. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you and your son.

Thank you so much Pam. Worrying times for sure for the second time with another of my sons.

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Today was just like the many that have passed since my last entry to this thread :point_down:

Another utterance from a politician with a well feathered nest and their intent to keep their name in every voter’s mind … frikkin typical🤬

Gosh Den! I send sincere wishes that follow ups bring better news👍

my littlest grandson - I asked he why and he said - I love the way you say it grandad!!

That damn DPF on my car, the worst thing they could have ever done. It’s a blooming nightmare. :rage: :rage: :rage:

Road ahead closed signs…Diversion signs…All left in place long after the work is completed.

Just about everything since I put my feet on the floor. It’s going to be one of those days. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Putting the empty suitcase back up into the loft having removed the the Christmas decorations kept in it. I got it to the top of the ladder onto the flat boarded surface and gave it a good shove so it would slide a good way along. Didn’t notice the edge of and old drawer sticking out and it caught my knuckle. Bruised and slightly cut. I used that word saved only for special occasions such as this.

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Coming home from cruise ship after a week of living it up a bit.

Nothing yet but it’s not even 8am so watch this space.