Vivienne Westwood, punk & all that

VW has died at a ripe old age, the godmother of punk, not so sure about that. She put punk-like garb on the catwalk and made £ots.

I remember her back in the day, McLaren & Rotten too, a nice bunch. They frequented the bar where I worked. And so did lots of trendies, fashion college students, street kid, dealers, empresarios, junkies, boozers etc.

VW in a frumpy frock, others wearing black drainpipes, torn screen printed Tshirts. So punk was never VW’s fashion, it belongs to no one.

I’m a couple of years too old (yet still a dozen years younger than Vivienne), I dabbled, it got me out of long hair, beard & bell-bottoms.

What about you? What’s the most punk thing you did, said. What’s the most punk thing you wore, the most punk music you listened to? Please share.


Sorry can’t add much.I’ve never been a slave to fashion and not that keen on punk.I preferred the music that developed from it eg: The Fall,The Cure,JMC…etc…

I’m going to have sleep on this one d00d.
I’m not entirely sure there was such a thing as punk.
Consider these fellas?


I was confused by punk as a child. But what I found most confusing was how someone as frumpy as Westwood was deemed cool at a time when everything she represented was the opposite of her own image. It is also ironic that the anti establishment punks chose Kings road in Chelsea as their place to hang out. They were mainly middle class and affluent teenagers rebelling against their parents.

Vivienne Westwood She was a rebel with a cause… bless her .
I so admired her get up and go …her stance on the climate emergency and war , ready to be there in the thick of it.

The undisputed queen of British fashion Vivienne Westwood.
Sleep tight

yeah, good point: it’s what developed from it.

wakey wakey :sweat_smile:

yeah the Jam were good. I wasn’t really listening at the time, but they soon became legend.

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confusing for all … the pistols were a culture shock.

and you are right about the well-to-do following: fashion/art students.

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bless her.

There was an element of crossover if that makes sense? I’m pretty sure that I remember reading an article in a Sunday supplement in which Joe Strummer distanced him from the punk movement so to speak. I was too young to get into the Marquee or The 100 Club at the time, made up for it later though.

I remember showing off some of my purchases to my parents hoping for a reaction… bloody teenagers :wink:


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And for me I got more excited by the ones that came just before,Feelgood,Eddie and the Hotrods,etc…what they called pub rock :grinning:

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There’s a good Alan Partridge making fun of Vivienne.

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nice fashion ideas there. It’s not so much about what you wear but how you wear it. :icon_cool:

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I always envied Punks their swagger and attitude, not to mention their fabulous dress sense and hair. I doubt there will be another like Vivienne, R.I.P