Vince hill has passed away

Vince hill passed away on 21 July 2023, most famous for his hit song Eidlewiess, he had a great voice, rip, vince

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RIP Vince…Very nice bloke…

Blinkin heck…Vincent Hill popped his clogs I remember him as a good looking young chap with a nice voice… Haven’t heard about him for years it was such a surprise he died aged 89…where do the years go?

RIP Vince

In the grand scheme of things, a life is just a blink of the eye Summer…

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RIP Vince,another great we have lost.

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I always think that when we lose someone, we all shuffle closer to the top of the list…
Father time

Yes for sure,i call it the departure lounge OldGreyFox :scream: :roll_eyes:

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That’s why we should make the most while we can