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Some words are spelt differently in US to UK.

LOTs of words are spelled differently in the US and UK. Reading/posting here has made me acutely aware of that. :slight_smile:

Indeed, Susie Dent, from Countdown, says that many American spellings predate their English equivalents.


With Burns Night coming up, would like to try Haggis, but not sure, what do you serve with it? Should I make it myself or buy? Guessing it’s like tripe, which my father loved with liver and piccalilli

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My mother served neeps and stovies.

From local news.

King Charles plans to rip up the lawn at his Sandringham Estate and replace it with a new ‘eco project’.

The King has made plans to create a ‘climate-friendly Topiary Garden’ to improve the Estate’s biodiversity.

The plans announced by the property include introducing over 5,000 ‘healing Yew tree hedging plants’ as well as bringing year-round colour with lavender.

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We always have haggis on Burn’s Night, with the traditional “ neeps and tatties”, mashed swede and potatoes, and a nice whisky gravy

It’s not really like tripe, more like a savoury, black pudding thing

I’ve never heard of anyone actually making haggis themselves, that would be really hard core, chopping up liver and lungs, although there are recipes online

Just buy one, Macsweens are nice, or if you’re feeling lazy, Marks and Spencer’s do a ready meal and Wetherspoons usually do haggis in the pub that week!

Don’t forget it’s traditional for one of the gentlemen eating to propose a “Toast to the Lassies”, have a look on Google, some of them are a hoot!

My old man always stands and does it……


Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) hope photographers can get some shots of this, it will make its closest approach to Earth on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Vague memories of a butcher making something bloody, whilst making patterns in the sawdust on the floor waiting with Mum in the queue.

Sorry, posted in the wrong placd

The last time I had Haggis was about 50 years ago. I cooked about 25 of them in a field in Scotland, in a thunderstorm, with 100 Scouts sheltering in their tents waiting to be fed. How that lightning missed me I shall never know… The following day one of the boys almost drowned when his canoe capsized. Fortunately for him a perfect H rescue was performed.

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Dyb,.dyb, dyb

Well Dob Dob Dob.

Do rats really look that different?

And different ways to kill them ???

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Hmmmm … but before the English crossed the Atlantic, our language was not heard over there

What she meant was American spelling was correct.

And when they did cross they used English. Over the years both have change Not vastly.- we still converse tolerably well.

If I could choose where to be dumped think I’d consider this. :grinning:

Very droll !