Thornberry The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I like her, she opens her mouth and what she really thinks comes out :tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

And she’s right, better to be like any one of them, even Blair and Thatcher than to be like Boris Johnson

If Starmer is a lawyer not a leader then Johnson must be liar not a leader? :rofl:

And any old how, Starmer doesn’t need anyone to defend him because he’s not the one who’s governments actions are being investigated by the police :policewoman::police_car::oncoming_police_car::policeman::rotating_light:

Starmers track record on forboys and Saville is indefensible Maree. He’s a lightweight and a complete failure.

Racist multi millionaire snob Thornberry is another, quoting communist murderers and human rights violators as her heroes.

Is Boris really that bad compared to their track records??? I’m no disciple of Johnson but when you look at what starmers done in the past, taking the knee to movements who support violence, anarchy and defunding the police then it kinda puts things into perspective.

They lost their big chance with John Mann in my opinion.


I’m afraid I can’t read that article as I’m using an ad-blocker.
However, I have never liked Dingleberry. She’s a rich middle-class woman who’s pretending to be a socialist, and they’re the worst sort - like BLiar!


Spot on !

It is interesting how the British are quite happy to vote for and support rich privileged toffs like Johnston, Farage, Alec Douglas Hume, Macmillian etc who have absolutely no idea of how the average citizen lives. Yet someone from a middle class background who has money is “Racist multi millionaire snob”.

Tug your forelock on the way out …

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Boris is being investigated for having a party Maree, only because someone (or the media) wants him ousted. Not exactly stealing the crown jewels is it…Can you not see that we are being manipulated.
I’m not keen on Boris either, and I certainly didn’t vote him in, but unlike remainers (like thornberry) I accept that he got the lions share of the vote, and we have to let him get on with his job. If we don’t like him or his antics then we should vote for someone else next time round, although I haven’t got a clue who can pick up the batten…

Give us a clue then Bruce, who do you think should be in charge…It’s easy to rubbish the Eton and Oxbridge lot, but not so easy to find a suitable replacement, especially when you’re up against the ‘Old Boys Club’ It’s a bit of a closed shop…Wink! Wink!..

That just makes me wonder how Maggie Thatcher managed to get the job all those years ago. She wasn’t an ‘Eton or Oxbridge lot’. In fact, she was a grocer’s daughter. Yet she was the best PM I remember and stronger than all the men who have followed her.

So how did she manage it?

And more importantly, could another woman of the same sort ever take her place?

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Anne Widdecombe should have been in number ten…


Yes, she’s good. She and Farage would make an excellent team. Sadly, though, only the established parties have any chance of getting into government, but that seems to be the way the electorate wants it.

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But it wasn’t just a party, really, was it?

What he’s being investigated for is for flouting the laws of the country when the rest of us were sticking to them, often at huge personal emotional cost, and then lying to Parliament about it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Morally, I think that’s worse than stealing the Crown Jewels

He stuck two fingers up at us and betrayed us

Gotta respect you betters, Bruce, all that loveliness might rub off :rofl:

The Hyacinth Bucket vote :nauseated_face:

She is probably the exception that proves the rule. She broke Britain, yet she is held up as the best leader the country has had since the war, all that shows is how really dire the rest were. Talk about lions led by donkeys.

She is a millionaire snob though … its not just a name we call her, its true.

We vote for a party here not a person by the way.

If by “breaking Britain” you really mean she fixed a decaying, trades union killed economy then, yes, I have to agree with you.

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Exactly !

It was labour that broke Britain, it was the winter of discontent and a 3 day working week. Inflation through the roof, the brain drain etc etc.

Labour were given a gold plated economy in 1997 and Blair and Brown destroyed it in 2 terms.

Yes, I remember that. In fact, I’ll never forget it. It persuaded me to never vote for that party who, for as long as I can remember, have produced nothing but damage and destruction. Not that I ever have voted Labour.

And some people have the nerve to blame Maggie for damaging this country, which was never the case.

She broke Britain as a cohesive society, at the same time as she was creating social division by setting different factions of the country against each other the Hawke/Keating government in Australia were reforming the both the economy and reinforcing social cohesion with “The Accord”. They recession proofed Australia for the next 30 years. It was not perfect but the difference in outcomes between their leadership and Thatcher’s could not be more stark.

As I said having Thatcher as the best example of political leadership merely illustrates how utterly appalling the rest were. Her legacy of division is amply shown by the extreme views expressed in this thread, there is absolutely no common ground between either side of politics in the UK, it is a society at war with itself.

Divide and conquer. image Job done, thank you Mrs T.

I quite like Emily Thornberry as someone else said she speaks her mind. There are too many MPs that say nothing and toe the party line.

Well she may speak her mind, but she’s still a nob pretending to be a socialist!