The Orville [sci-fi series]

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Based on this, I watched the first episode of The Orville on Disney+. It’s also on Hulu here.

I love it! :smiley:

The background is beautiful. The situations are hilarious. :joy:. The sci-fi stuff is innovative. The characters are fun, irreverent, but still believable. The plot looks like it could be interesting. The ex-wife twist adds some drama.

I had just watched the first episode of Star-Trek: Enterprise. Every scene reminded of a scene in the other Star Trek series. The Orville was different enough to be refreshing.

I’ll be watching more of this in the future. Thanks for the recommendation.

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I used to watch the Orville on sky, but then it switched to another provider which we don’t have, but yes it was brilliant, I’m really into resident alien on sky, just waiting for season three to start…

That’s also on my list. Found it tonight while searching for The Orville. It’s on Peacock (NBC) here.

Make sure you watch from the beginning, I can also recommend the remake of lost in space, if you can find it somewhere. ( not the film remake)

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The 2018 version is on Netflix. I’ve been debating about getting Netflix all week. Long story, but this is pushing me closer. Thanks for the recommendation. :slightly_smiling_face: