The OFF really boring thread

I’ve got a pain in my left side.

Have a wee stretch, maybe that will sort it out.

I’m watching River Hunters on TV

I had a walk about. It’s gone now :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to cook for dinner.

Has anyone ever counted the number of peas in a bag of frozen?

No, I just tip them out into a bowl, til I have enough for us two, then seal the bag again, it goes back in the freezer, the bag lasts for three meals.:slight_smile:

Have run out of Merlot - will have to drink Shiraz!

Monday again tomorrow.

Sitting here wasting time.

Wondering what to have for breakfast

I’m cooking some veggie sausages in my Ninja for lunch.

Watching the news.

I cleaned my oven. According to my Daughter not very efficiently. Cheeky madam!:021:

Eating breakfast and thinking about watering the plants.

It’s starting to look a bit stormy.

I had a shower.

Feeling chilly, even though the heating is on. Choice between shoving another jumper on, or turning up the heating.
Or I could do both and be really cosy :twisted:

Go on, be a devil :077:

My stomach’s rumbling.

There is a mouse under my sofa!

I just drank a cup of hot milk.